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Posted: Mon Dec 06, 2010 at 11:12:15 pm EST (Viewed 17 times)
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    The mystery allegience of Paladin to grab ya for the next ish. Guess he was satisfied with the hiding spot for The Odin Spear.

The Odin Spear thing really needs to be addressed. Anyone classy would simply give it to Thor. But I'm not sure what Paladin would do!

I think maybe Paladin is working with Shroud and Silver Sable from Blood on the Streets maybe, investigating Misty's disappearance.

    Lets see how far Elektra is planning on going and thus how far Misty is really willing to let her go - in this Heroic day and Age. Waterman is a neat alias but whats up with an Atlantean first AND last name like that?

I don't think Misty would order Elektra to kill anyone. It doesn't fit with the Blood on the Streets mini, but I won't say how since you mention not having read it. She's not in her right mind here, just a puppet.

    PHANTOM prenancy?! Phantom???!! No playmate for Dani?!! \:\( Seriously though, thought the side by side pregnancies was too suddenly pat anyways. However, still very curious about this. [Still have to read Blood on the Streets for the full SL wrapup.]

I don't think we can take at face value anything she says or believes while under the thrall of the Puppet Master.

She may have lost the baby, and he's psyched that knowledge out of her so that she'll go about her missions without grief.

Or maybe she's still pregnant.