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Subj: Re: Still not Clear on Early 90's Bubble v. Today
Posted: Sat Dec 11, 2010 at 03:51:09 am EST (Viewed 157 times)
Reply Subj: Still not Clear on Early 90's Bubble v. Today
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Hey all. Sorry this turned into a rather meandering way to get my thoughts/questions out there.

Back in the 3rd grade, I got hooked on Marvel. The Marvel Universe Series 2 Trading Cards suckered me in, and Fantastic Four 358 finally sucked me in.

I was the standard 90's comic fan (an I think I've posted a question or 2 about the 90's in the past). I snatched up as many comics as I could with my allowance, loved the special covers..and had to have every collector's edition available. The die-cut FF4 and Batman 500. The foil editions of Punisher's Suicide run. The holgrams on Fatal Attractions. The all white FF Torch cover. The 2099 Fall of the Hammer connecting covers...even the Superman World;s Collide "Color Form" cover (that was an odd one). But then, apparently something happened apparently in the industry, and I don't get what happened...

Anyway, I was thinking through the early 90's and today's Marvel...and I'm trying to figure out the differences in the climate. Part if it might be that for a kid, the Mrvelverse just seems huge in general...but...

1)Are there more comics being sold today then there were then? Did the variants end up killing sales?
2) Are more books being published today than back then?
3) Are there less characters getting attention today than back then? It seems there are...if we look at it...
A) The X-verse has managed to increase # of books
B) The Spider-verse has decreased quite a it in monthly output
C) The Hulkverse has increased in #
D) The Avengers-verse have swelled (with Thor and Iron Man almost being their own categories)
E)The New Warriors-verse is gone
F) The Midnight Sonsverse is gone
G) The cosmicverse has shrunk
H) FF4 has decreased
I) And "other" today seems to be Daredevil, H4H, Thunderbolts and Black Panther (I guess he's Avengers). As opposed to Sleepwalker, Darkhawk, Deathlok, Secret Defenders, Silver Sable, etc., is it that Marvel now puts out the same # of books, but they are pretty much all the same people in each one? Or are there actually less books?

4) Are writers making a ton more now? Or are they selling so few books that they have to charge $4 a pop?
5) Is it basically now standard that can only create a consistent long term on-going series if you connect the character to an existing "house" (Avengers, X-Men, etc)?

Here's my answers to your questions they be not be 100% correct, but I'll tell what I know.

1) I would say about the comics sell less issues now, and yes variants and gimmick covers did kill sales (along with poor storylines)

2)not sure, it seems like there is more publishers out now.
3) hmmm Marvel seems to be over using a lot of characters these days:
4 DeadPool books, 4 Avengers books, 3 Iron Man books, Captain America has 1 book, but quite a few limited series out, Thor has a few series out too. I would say that Marvel puts out more books now but they overuse a lot of characters. Here's one of the main problems with Marvel when they have a movie about to be released such as: Thor and Captain America next year they start releasing more series so they can try and capture that $$$ from moviegoers. But all they do is oversaturate the market with needless comics. I understand they wanna make some new fans and some $$$ of the movies but do we really need: Iron Man, Iron Man Legacy, Iron Man 2.0, and other assorted series for Iron Man? Same goes with Cap and Thor.

4) I'm not sure about writers making more $$ but wasn't that the reason that Marvel raised their prices?
5) could be but Hawkeye and Mocking Bird failed, not sure how well Black Widow is doing. War Machine tanked as well.

What they need to do is streamline the Marvel comic line and refocus some of the series that are not X-Men or Avegers.

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