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Subj: Re: like before, but better.
Posted: Mon Dec 20, 2010 at 12:31:02 am EST (Viewed 139 times)
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    I would disagree with you alot. Nova was one of the best books I read in a while and aside from the occasional bad art Guardians was good too. I would take it over Hulk any day for instance. I think having two titles for the entire cosmic landscape is pretty limited honestly.

I continuously see people rave about how great a title Nova is, but I never see anyone explain why. So I would love to hear your reasoning. Here's mine why the title was bad. Just three for brevity.

- Not a good direction - If I asked you what the overall purpose of the title was, what would you say outside of "the adventures of Richard Rider as Nova"? During Annihilation Nova was (thankfully) moving away from the Green Lantern Corps ripoff of being part of the Nova Corps since it was destroyed, and became the sole wielder of the Nova Force. Yet when DNA got control of the character they suddenly moved the concept back to the Nova Corps model and seemingly the title was about rebuilding the Nova Corps. Since this was the only book out of Annihilation, it would have seemed natural to either continue on the journey of being the only Nova out there, or at least continue on with ideas from that series. Instead DNA seemed to move completely away from those things that made readers interested in the first place.

- No supporting cast - For the most part, it seemed the title didn't have any ongoing characters outside of Nova. There was no love interest, so that when Marvel did have to put a love interest on a title for the 80s variants they had to use Gamora, who which had a brief fling with during Annihilation. There was no main villain for the series, no companion. Of course this changed somewhat during the end when he got involved with Namora and Darkhawk, but at that point it was too late.

- No spotlight - Nova was obviously the main character for the first Annihilation series, which we can all agree was a critical success and somewhat of a commercial one. But as soon as the big cosmic stories came around, he was a minor player once again. For Annihilation Conquest he was off doing a side mission for most of the event, and seemed to only appeared in the main series for the last issue. His roles in War of Kings and Realm of Kings seems to have been relatively minor. Now it's easy to explain away that these stories were meant to give spotlights to characters like Star-Lord, Black Bolt, or even Gladiator, but Nova didn't have that luxury to give that spotlight away. Marvel seemed to want Nova to be their prime cosmic hero, yet they didn't give him the part.

    I think he is wasted on Earth honestly. He is already on Secret Avengers, until he died.

I'm not sure if I would count a three issue storyline where he was possessed as an indication of anything. I am curious to see what Brubaker's plans were for the character if there were any.

Marvel really needs a number one cosmic character, it's a role they've toyed with over the years but they've never stuck to any one character. It's been Captain Marvel (pick one), the Silver Surfer, Quasar, and so on. Nova seems to be a good choice.

I think there are too many benefits in putting Nova on an Avengers team. If the goal is to make him your number one cosmic character, which I assume is the idea, placing him with the Avengers gives the character instant credibility. It certainly increases his chances for licensing and appearing in other media. Replace Protector on the main team with Nova and I think you put the character in a much better position and allow an increased chance of him having his own adventures.