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Subj: Re: Which super villains do you think are broken and how would you fix them?
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Reply Subj: Re: Which super villains do you think are broken and how would you fix them?
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    The Mandarin - Iron Man is one of Marvel's biggest heroes, and the Mandarin is his clear top villain. Yet the Mandarin is a character that IMO never really fit as Iron Man's foe with his mystical nature. He's also lacked a clear and good purpose as a villain. What's his motivation? A goal like "ruling the world" is both cliched and stupid.
        The first thing that should change is his motivation, or at least this should be clear to the reader what his actual goal is: to be rich. Of the countless major villains we've seen, we don't really have any bad guys that just want to get rich. This would make him a natural rival of Starks, who is basically Marvel's richest hero. The Mandarin would also be in control of a vast corporate empire with a interest in technology based companies, again making him a natural rival of Starks. We've also seen the emersion of Asian companies dominating the technology market, which would be compared to the American technology of Tony Stark.
        The next step would be to build up his henchmen, as Mandarin vs. Stark fights are only interesting to a point. Using the technology from his rings, the Mandarin would create powerful henchmen based on the powers of the rings. This would be a good way to incorporate the older villains from Iron Man's rogues gallery and revamp them. Suddenly a villain like Firebrand is much more powerful with technology from the Flame Blast Ring.

They've already given him an excellent motivation: social darwinism. He believes that the strong should thrive and the weak should perish and that the world should work in a way that promotes this.

Making him all about getting rich would not work for this character, because it would contradict what we already know about him: he loves to fight, he is obsessed with achieving perfection of mind and body, and he despises weakness. Being all about getting rich implies laziness, and works better for a character with a more slothful visual and abilities like the Slug. The Mandarin has an athletic visual, and his abilities, genius intellect and inhuman martial arts ability, lend themselves much more to a social darwininian character than to a greedy character.