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Subj: Re: Which super villains do you think are broken and how would you fix them?
Posted: Sun Jan 02, 2011 at 07:48:36 pm EST (Viewed 212 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Which super villains do you think are broken and how would you fix them?
Posted: Sun Jan 02, 2011 at 04:47:05 pm EST (Viewed 222 times)

The Mandarin

    I'm not sure the Mandarin should want to do that. Giving someone else you tech means that they (or more probably Stark) would get the chance to study and develop countermeasures for it in the (probable) event that Firebird ever got captured.

Hasn't Stark studied the Mandarin's rings before? I don't know as I'm not a big Iron Man fan, but I would have to assume he did at some point. Or at least SHIELD. But while the logic certainly seems reasonable, it's something that's easily ignored in the MU. Or else I'm sure villains like the Ghost would be easily put down.

    But the Mandarin needs to have his look changed just a little bit. IMHO, the first thing that needs to be done is: Give him a bigger weapon!   Nothing says martial arts warlord like a large weapon.  A large weapon says that you mean business!
    It might be a bō staff, (or more precisely, a kon, to use the Chinese word), or a sword, etc.   It should also have the properties of Mandarin being able to channel his rings energies through it.    In fact the Remaker (matter re-arranger) ring should be able to change it from one weapon to another at lighting speed.

A sword would look interesting, but it would take away from the rings to the point where it would be just about the sword. Green Lantern's most important item is his ring, not the power battery.

The martial arts element of the character doesn't really make alot of sense since he is a foe for Iron Man. It would work on someone like Daredevil, but Iron Man needs to fight a foe that would work visually. Imagine Bruce Lee vs Iron Man on film? Not that exciting.

The Jackal

    I'm not sure about that.  Clones have been done to death.   But other than that, I like the idea of having someone do for villains on a biological level what guys like the Tinkerer does for them on a technical level.    I would, however, add the stipulation that whoever wants to have a super villain army would probably want that army controlled.   So yeah, someone like the Jackal can make superhuman enhancements for those thugs, but he would include a way to turn those enhancements off or on.

Clones, for better or worse, are a common element in these stories. I don't think a cloned army makes a lot of sense as a reoccurring thing, but being able to write away a character's appearance or death as being that of a clone works well for the continuity of things.

Mind controlled villains aren't really that interesting to the point where they aren't really characters but simply disposable objects. If Spider-Man has to fight a cloned army of Electros controlled by the Jackal, it's still just a fight between the Jackal and Spider-Man.


    We'll IIRC, he never wanted to be a "big bad" sort of villain.  He was always happy training henchmen, with made him kind of neat.   The way his motovatioins played out, he didn't actually fail at being a bad guy.   He just provides services to bad guys, the way the Tinkerer did.  But that being said, I liked what happened to him during Siege.  It's interesting to take characters (including the villains) and see what happens to them when they are placed in situations way beyond their comfort level.

He's had a few different gimmicks over the years, and while the teacher for henchmen is a good gimmick, it doesn't allow itself to be used for characters that have to carry a story or characters that are important to a series. And while it's acceptable for Taskmaster to go to that role of being B-list villain, I'd rather see him more as an antihero that can carry a story, a miniseries, and a supporting role in a book.


    No make Kaine (Peter Parker's surviving clone) the next Venom.   Get rid of Eddie Brock altogether.

Kaine is a decent enough villain on his own. Good powers, good costume. Doesn't really have much of a purpose nowadays, but I'm sure a good purpose could be found for him. There's simply no reason why you have to combine Kaine and Venom. Kaine is an evil version of Spider-Man, and so is Venom. Combine them together and you get "evil version of Spider-Man"^2, which isn't a good thing. Nothing is being added to Spider-Man's world. If pressed, you could probably make Kaine work as a new Scorpion, and that might be a great idea.

Eddie Brock is the ideal Venom for many people, and he was perfectly fine in that role. But without Venom, Brock just isn't as a good of a character.