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Subj: Force Works, Thunderstrike, Wonderman, War Machine, Moon Knight...
Posted: Fri Mar 29, 2013 at 07:09:18 am EDT (Viewed 260 times)
Reply Subj: 90s fans out there?
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Ever wish we had a "Naughty Nineties" Message Board?

I know we can talk about 90s Marvel at this board, and 90s DC at the DC board, and 90s Independents at the Independents board... but somehow I think 90s fans are a special breed, and if given a chance, would form the kind of community that has developed over at the Gold-Silver-Bronze Age board.

Has anyone here bought 90s Marvel back issues in the recent past?

Today I bought the complete run (ten issues) of Blackwulf. I had always been intrigued by that book, yet had never acted on my curiosity till today. I got all ten from Mile High Comics via ebay for $18.99 (which included shipping). I was pleasantly surprised, as I generally find Mile High's prices to be... well, mile high. This transaction was reasonable, and especially so, since I got all ten at one shot, and all were at least Fine.

What was your favorite 90s Marvel book? I'll go with Force Works. I don't know what it was with that book, but it had me from the first page and never let go of me. Oh, and of course, it featured Moonraker.

As a big WCA and USAgent fan, I loved Force Works and it would definately be up there with my favourite titles of the era.

I thought Thunderstrike was an excellent title, and by that I mean very well written. I also massively enjoyed Wondermans ongoing, War Machine and Marc Spector: Moonknight.

The truth was that the middle of the decade was pretty terrible, with the quality of stories and art dipping dramatically. Titles like New Warriors, Sub-mariner, War Machine, Moonknight, Punisher and Darkhawk all started quite strongly in the early 90's but then tailed off badly, and many of them adopted a really poor, almost manga-esque artwork.

Things probably started to recover in about 1997 with Marvels big relaunch of that year. Whilst it was headed by Heroes Reborn - which was dubious at best (although sold well), there were also titles like Thunderbolts, Joe Kellys Deadpool (still the best run on the character), the Buseik/Perez Avengers, Waids Captain America, and a number of other solid titles.

There were also only a limited number of titles - about 20 or so - rather than the 50+ Marvel have now, they werent all tied into each other, and there wasnt the current trend towards massive crossover events, so getting your foot in the door as a fan was easy.