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Subj: Re: 90s Heroes Reborn
Posted: Fri Mar 29, 2013 at 11:31:28 am EDT (Viewed 179 times)
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    I wouldn't go so far as to say the Heroes Reborn titles "stunk", both Iron Man and Fantastic Four were commendable relaunches that felt very fresh and energentic, it was more the Rob Liefeld books that let the side down, though if you were new I think you might have embraced even these two books as well as the rest. I think on reflection the Heroes Reborn experiement was highly influential as it showed what these old characters could be like if brought right up to date and launched afresh with no baggage. I don't think it's an exaggeration to suggest the Ultimate universe is indebted to what Jim Lee, Whilce Portacio & Liefeld tried out back then...

They werent the best - even Ironman and Fantastic 4 - although it is true to say that Avengers and Cap were the worst. Why they took the excellent Waid and Garney off the Cap title in order to replace them with Liefeld I will never know.

    Looking back to the effects on the Marvel Universe itself though you do get the imppression the extraction of their premier Avengers line up should have led to a major shift in the X-Men's role therein. Once second tier to the Avengers they ere now left as the premier heroic force on earth, the likes of Magneto and Apocalypse would not have to worry about any Avengers interfering and would have felt the way was wide open for a major move on taking global power. So in effect it would be the X-Men under even more pressure than before as earth's mightiest deterrent had all been killed off in one stroke thanks to Onslaught. I never felt the ramifications of that were exploited as they could have been. For another example - The Hulk. A new and much more unpredictable Hulk had been left behind, dangerous in the sense he had no moral compass guiding him any more and was happy to indulge his appetite for power to its full extent, taking over the Florida Keys was one expression of that but you get the sense from that run that he was nearer a villain than any other incarnation bar The Maestro. He was another dangerous legacy of the expulsion of earths greatest heroes as there was no one left who could really stand up to him if he went on a sustained rampage or crusade...

The absence of the Avengers really didnt seem to have much of a knock-on effect for the rest of the worlds heroes, especially the X-Men who just seemed to carry on dealing with their own little introverted world in the way they always had. It would have been an excellent opportunity to have the Avengers/X-Men type team ups we are seeing now.

    In restrospect it is hard to understand perhaps why it wasn't the case a new Avengers took the place of their fallen comrades, I think Wonderman was still active for example and we know Black Widow Hank Pym and Monica Rambeu were around so a new line up was perfectly feasable. Who knows, if there was an event big enough maybe the threat would have triggered a new team, but Heroes Reborn only lasted over a year in real time.

There was an explanation for this. I believe Black Widow was Avengers chairperson at the time of their 'death', and whilst she tried to hold the team together it was simply beyond her to do so, and many of the surviving Avengers moral was so low that they didnt have the will to carry on the legacy.

Although there were obviously many Avengers left after Onslaught, they were a shadow of their former selves and many of those remaining members had problems of their own. Wonderman was dead (he died in Force Works #1 and wasnt resurrected until Avengers Vol 2 #3), Hercules was an alcoholic (explored in Heroes for Hire), Moonknight was killed at the end of his last ongoing series, Quicksilver was having trouble dealing with the 'death' of his sister, Black Panther always struggled to balance being a monarch with being an Avengers, Black Knight was with Heroes for Hire, Hellcat was dead, Ms Marvel was off in space as Binary, Mockingbird dead, War Machine had no armour at that time, USAgent was doing private sector work, Tigra was working as a Police officer, human affairs were largely beneath Sersi, Quasar had faked his death and left Earth, Living lightening went back to college.

Really there wasnt anyone left - or at least not enough with the motivation to form a dedicated team, and no one with the presence of someone like Cap or Stark who could hold a team together.

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