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Subj: Achilles' heel
Posted: Wed Apr 10, 2013 at 06:58:15 am EDT (Viewed 232 times)
Reply Subj: Re: When he was the 4th member of the Frightful Four
Posted: Tue Apr 09, 2013 at 03:59:21 pm EDT (Viewed 8 times)

    But the people you listed have been shown to be invulnerable.

I am looking for their kryptonite.
There is always an Achilles' heel.
Even Adamantium can be destroyed if you have access to the correct technology.
It is very difficult but it is possible.

Electrokinesis or magnetokinesis would seem logical if some kind of ionization process is involved.

    I think the current understanding is that Simon is sentient energy that looks like a human being but isn't

Yes, like Electro (since the Gauntlet), the Living Laser (probably, between Iron Man 153 and 211), the Living Lightning (in Avengers West Coast) and Ion (in Machine Man 15) ?

Both Electro & Living Lightning can turn into sentient electric plasma.

The body of Voletta Todd (Ion) is composed of living ionized gas and she can manipulate electromagnetic energy.

The Living Laser has become some kind of sentient "coherent light".

In my opinion, all these characters are not truly "immortal".

Their energy cannot be destroyed or created but their "self-awareness" can be.

Especially if they are against somebody with the psionic power of "electromagnetic-kinesis".

    Lastly let's be honest Wonder Man's powers clearly aren't ionic. That's the term they use in the comics but ions are what happens when an atom gets more or less electrons than it's supposed to have which is important chemistry wise (because chemistry deals with the outer electron shells) but Wonder Man apparently doesn't affect the chemical properties of things and Electro for the most part doesn't either.

Honestly, I think that Wonder Man's powers seem to be linked to ionization energy.
When his eyes or his body "leak" ionic energy, it looks like plasma.

    I'm guessing you're not really asking IF it's possible for Wonder Man to be killed by Electro (I think most of us here agree he can't).

I don't want Electro to kill Wonder Man, Atlas or Nefaria but I think he can.
It doesn't matter if I am one of the few who believes it on the board.
I don't believe that "Ionic people" are as invulnerable as they seem to be.
Even Superman has limits and even Sentry can be stopped.

    You're really asking HOW would Electro kill Wonderman.

Yes, I do.
If I find a way to explain how Electro would kill Wonder Man, then, yes, it answers my question, he can do it.

    The only way I can think Electro could do that is find a way to make Wonder Man's body lose cohesion or find a way to de-ionize every atom that constitutes Wonder Man.

Perhaps, ...or he would feed on the powerhouse of Ionic people like he would, if he was near a nuclear reactor.
... or he would even deplete them or absorb their energy.

It would be like what green kryptonite radiation, red sun radiation or the parasite do to Superman.

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