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Subj: Re: what is the problem with wolverine
Posted: Mon Apr 22, 2013 at 03:08:12 pm EDT (Viewed 247 times)
Reply Subj: what is the problem with wolverine
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In AvX he tried to kill Hope Summers now he killed Hank Pym what his problem

His problem for me is that he doesn't belong with the Avengers, and they wouldn't/shouldn't tolerate his nature as a killer.

Wolverine originally worked so well as a character as he was an outsider among other outsiders in the X-Men. They weren't anything like as extreme as he was but due to their nature as social outcasts and the unspoken war they often fought they accepted his behaviour as a part of who he was and tried to moderate this darkr side of his character. The X-Men never had the same image to protect as the Avengers did, it was a different situation for them as they didn't see themselves as specifically heroes and for that matter were not seen as such.

You can look at his attacks on Scarlet Witch (Childrens Crusade), Hank Pym and Hope Summers, and see precedent by reffering to his reasoning for killing Rachel (X-Men #208), or even Jean Grey when she was losing control and slipping into Dark Pheonix.
The problem is, and always has been, that he doesn't really belong to a superhero team like the Avengers. Yes Thor killed Robert Reynolds in a move to end the Sentry's rampage, but that was perhaps justifiable given the sheer carnage he had delivered and the fact he was insane. Thor had only moments to make his decision and take the opening Reynolds offers him. With Wolverine the position is different as he is attacking people based on what they might do, yes Pym technically has innocent blood on his hands but he is not intentionally evil. Pym's invention delivered great evil onto the world, but that was never Pyms intention when building it.

So with Wolverine's Avengers prescence it's a clash of differing idealogy and morals, both Thor and Black Widow are capable of killing if needs be, but unlike Wolverine they don't do it unless there is absolutely no alternative but to do so, typically in the heat of battle and when the opponent is impossibly powerful.