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Subj: Re: Question: Will Iron Man Be In The Guardians Of The Galaxy Movie? If Not
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Reply Subj: Re: Question: Will Iron Man Be In The Guardians Of The Galaxy Movie? If Not
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    The problem with stating that Ironman and the majority of the rest of the cast are as superfluous as each other is that, first of all, the rest of the cast ARE The Guardians of the Galaxy - which makes them kind of essential. Secondly, Starlord has a great deal of history with the rest of the Guardians having teamed with them pretty much since the first Annihilation War. Stark doesnt have that connection, hes a stranger - the odd one out.

The viewpoint that the rest of the cast are the GotG and therefore essential doesn't make sense. Give the story some time before being critical in this aspect.

    I stand by the statement that Ironmans presence hasnt brought anything to the story, and I'm struggling to see how he really can. I'm also fearfully anticipating the almost inevitability that Stark all of a sudden starts calling the shots, telling everyone how smart he is, or starts making morally dubious decisions, as he has so often been criticised of doing so before. Hell, I even find his armour off putting.

That's an unwarranted fear. We have no way of knowing what the future stories will hold.

    Comparing Ironman to Wolvie and Spidey isnt a good thing, because in recent years, whilst both characters have been very popular and made Marvel alot of money, they havent been involved in many stories that I really enjoyed, and as a fan I do find it annoying how Wolverine can appear on a couple of X-teams, a couple of Avengers teams, run a school, appear in a mega crossover, and run off on his own adventures all at the same time - yet have almost all of those adventures be almost as mundane as each other.

Your trying to pass off opinion as fact. Over the last few years both characters have had successful, popular, and well received runs. Alot of people are enjoying Slott's take on Spider-Man, including the Superior storyline. Wolverine has had alot of great stories under Aaron, and Uncanny X-Force under Remender is quite possibly the best title Marvel has had in the last 5 years.

    I dont want that for Tony Stark, and i think the only people really gaining anything from the current trend of having characters appear absolutely everywhere are Marvel and their bankers.

You also have to take into consideration that while characters are appearing in multiple books each month, many readers aren't getting all of those titles. How many people are honestly getting all of the titles Wolverine appears in? And if you aren't getting one of those titles, you aren't reading it, it doesn't effect you, so you probably don't care.

I give credit to superior spider-man, because this is the most ive enjoyed the character in years, but sadly Ive found the vast majority of spidey stories since the JMS years really quite dull - especially many of the big ones such as The Other, One More Day, The Gauntlet etc.

Likewise with Wolvie, I'm not saying that his stuff has been terrible, but little of it has hit the heights - Old Man Logan perhaps, and I would agree that X-Force under Remender was a good series, bits of WATXM, the occasional arc of his solo series - but the vast majority of it has failed to ilicit much more than a shrug of the shoulders from me.

Here he's a gimmick. I think we can both agree that he's there to up sales, but thats not good enough for me unless his presence electrifies the place and instantly convinces the reader of the reason and value of him being on the team.

We shouldnt have to wait a half a year for that kind of impact - because lets face it, hes a big hitter and it is inevitable that his time on the team will be limited - so if he's going to be there then its got to really add something to the book right now.

I'm reading the title for the original cast, so I'll continue to read it regardless of Stark, but at the moment I see Stark as something of a spare wheel - i'm not enjoying it, its not really adding anything, and think his presence is unecessary - the story doesnt seem to need him.

I honestly cant recall hearing any whoops of joy either here or elsewhere that Stark was guesting on the team, can you?

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