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Subj: Re: from Newsarama: Which ELSE could Joss Whedon bring to TV from Marvel?
Posted: Mon May 13, 2013 at 01:34:05 pm EDT (Viewed 128 times)
Reply Subj: Re: from Newsarama: Which ELSE could Joss Whedon bring to TV from Marvel?
Posted: Mon May 13, 2013 at 05:52:52 am EDT (Viewed 161 times)

    I agree. By the way, you mentioned the Black Panther above, and I totally am rooting for a movie, but if that doesn't pan out, a TV show would be great too. I think I would do it as the African version of what a "Super President" TV show would tend to be. As a kid I liked that cartoon so it seems to me the premise could work. Of course a TV show adults would want to watch would be filled with political intrigue.

A Black Panther TV show in the way of Priest's first few years on the title would be great, a mix of superheroes and politics. I just don't know if that would really do good numbers on television. He's probably a character better served by his own movie.

    Also the special effects needed to do it right would probably be prohibitive. Doctor Strange is different from Buffy in that regard. Threats in her world were mostly physical, despite the existence of magic. The enemy needed to be something she could stake or else pound to a pulp or maybe blow up or stab with a magic sword. Doctor Strange, not so much.

Strange could work well as a CW series, similar to what Buffy was and Vampire Diaries. But similar to BP, he's probably better served by his own movie.


      Ideally, many fans seem to be asking for solo films for Cage and Fist, and then a Heroes for Hire movie.

    Individually, these characters seem a tad underwhelming to me, if I try to think like a movie audience person who doesn't read comics. But put them together and something amazing happens. Or else, even individually, I think TV would work for them, since TV is a less bombastic medium.

Both individual movies are going to come down to the main actor carrying the films, with the concepts being second. But this is true for alot of superhero movies. Both of these movies are hybrid films combining superheroes with martial arts/urban concepts. And buddy films tend to work really well with audiences (Lethal Weapon, Rush Hour).

    Also, TV is made for what I think would be cool here: extensive flashbacks. Think Arrow. Cage has his own version of the Island in his life on the streets before he went to prison. Danny has his own version too, in his time at K'un L'un. A movie would stuggle to do justice to all that. But a TV show could handle it easily, as we know from Arrow. If the TV show featured the duo, then Cage-centered episodes would visit his "Island" and Danny-centered episodes would visit his.

I think flashbacks only work for a set period of time and can't be used as a long running story setup. Even now Arrow has overused the concept where it's no longer necessary. Even the popular show Lost used Flashbacks, but they used multiple characters and only did it for a set time.

    Whereas a movie could steal mojo from Men In Black. And of course, to do this concept right, the special effects would be prohibitive for TV - which is probably one reason why sci-fi alien shows are less successful on TV than in film. Bigger budgets are needed to do the thing right.
    S.W.O.R.D. might seem a long shot for Marvel to do on the big screen, but wouldn't we have said the same thing about Guardians of the Galaxy? I think "Men In Black Marvel Style" would sell this film to execs. Plus Joss Whedon invented this concept, so he would likely be interested in doing the film.

GotG seemed like a long shot, but many people were guessing a cosmic based movie. We just guessed wrong picking movies like Nova or the Silver Surfer.

Movies rarely focus on organizations, as the narrative becomes much tougher. We don't have MI6 movies, we have James Bond movies. A SWORD movie would have to focus on a specific character or small selection of characters. And if Marvel has to choose between an Abigail Brand movie or a Black Panther movie, they are going to go with Black Panther.


      The Punisher is a natural show for HBO.

    Or Showtime. Yes. Would you have super-villains? Neither Punisher film had super-villains, and neither was all that successful. I personally think it's important to have super-villains, because it establishes the show as part of the super-hero genre, which, importantly, is the only genre that includes the "no killing" rule. Buffy and the Charmed Ones were super-heroes in my opinion and they followed the "no kill" rule, where humans were concerned. The Punisher isn't a super-hero but he nonetheless falls into the genre if his enemies are super-villains. I think he's only interesting if he's perceived by audiences as breaking a sacred rule, and that won't happen if all he's doing is fighting mob types. Cops kill, FBI agents kill, vendetta-driven ex-soldiers kill, and everybody knows it. The "no kill" rule doesn't exist in cop stories, FBI stories, or vendetta stories. I think the rule has to exist for the Punisher to be interesting. And that means he has to be fighting super-villains.

I think it's important to establish the character first without involving superheroes. And that's what the first movie tried to accomplish (never saw War Zone). But it's important that they establish that the character exists in a world with superpowers, which is what the movies didn't do. The difference between the Punisher and other vigilantes is that the Punisher exists in the MU.

So a Punisher show should include super villains and superpowers. It should be limited to where we don't get guys like Kang, but we would get street level villains like Tombstone. Do a group of villains each season that's similar to my Daredevil tv show idea from earlier.

It's also important that the Punisher doesn't kill all the bad guys so that they can be reoccurring. Allow those characters to develop over time to make them better characters.

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