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Subj: Re: What Marvel Characters Should Have STAYED Dead After They Died, And Not Been Resurrected?
Posted: Sat Jun 29, 2013 at 03:26:37 pm EDT (Viewed 22 times)
Reply Subj: What Marvel Characters Should Have STAYED Dead After They Died, And Not Been Resurrected?
Posted: Sat Jun 29, 2013 at 01:37:22 pm EDT (Viewed 569 times)

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Yeah, I know, no one stays dead in comics, and you can argue that most of them shouldn't have been killed off to begin with, BUT, at least a few of the ones brought back should have STAYED dead. And there was a reason that some of them were killed off in the first place. I'm sure that we all have our own personal list, so, let's have at it. Here are mine:

#Elektra- She was CREATED to die. Frank Miller told a storyline with her, and that was all that he had planned. Her storyline was complete. Anything after Frank Miller, shouldn't have been, unless in Flashback.

#Mendell Strom- He was the Robot Master. He was resurrected as Gaunt during the Clone Saga. He was the partner of Norman Osborn, which led to Norman becoming the Green Goblin. He was a one-shot character created to die.

#Bolivar Trask- The creator of the Sentinels and the Master Mold. I never read the story, but again, created to die. Died in his first appearance. I believe that his death was one of those noble "I saw the error of my ways, so now I want to redeem." sacrifices. Heck, you know what, ANY character created to die, especially in their first storyline or storyarc. The exception being: Wonder Man.

# Kraven The Hunter- Completely useless and senseless resurrection. The guy, for all intents and purposes already beat Spider-Man, so what's left to do with him? It's practically the only thing that the guy was even remembered for. We didn't need him back, especially as we have (Or had.) all of these other Kravens. They were using his son quite a bit. You want a new Kraven? Okay there, you have a new Kraven.

#Captain Marvel- Again, why? Was it really worth it? He's another character who's more known and remembered for hi death.

#Ultimate Spider-Man- Yeah, I know that it hasn't happened yet (Or has it?). But it probably will someday. Not that hi death was all that great (I thought that it was kind of lame, actually.), but the series pretty much ended there. I think that they should have ended the series and the title there. That was kind of Bendis's baby. Now that there's a new title (Which I actually kind of want to check out.) around, you just know that he's going to be back one day. I think that the Ultimate Universe should be it's own continuity with his death intact.

# Norman Osborn- Maybe. I love the character (Or used to anyway, before Dark Reign overexposed him to death.), and I loved most of his post-resurrection Spider-Man (And Thunderbolts.) stories, but he probably could have stayed dead. I can see where a lot of people prefer him to be a legacy character, who works better as a memory, and as someone who haunts Peter from the grave.

#Aunt May- Again, maybe! I've changed my mind somewhat. She wasn't really needed as a character anymore, because Peter had grown up, and he became an adult. He also had MJ to lean on and rely upon, so she really served her purpose. However, I know that she's an integral (Too integral.) part of the Spidey universe, and that as long as he's being published, she has to be part of the books, as well as the franchise. So, a part of me thinks that maybe they shouldn't have killed her off, but since they did, I would prefer her to stay dead.

#Harry Osborn- At least since Norman's resurrection. Having Harry around takes quite a bit away from the Peter/Norman mutual hatred dynamic. If they brought back Harry instead of Norman (As they originally planned to do.), then fine, but since they brought Norman back, a lot of the animosity between the two hinged on Harry. And it's kind of hard to see him (Or rather view him.) as a friend of Peter's again, after some of the hurt that he caused him. So, since they brought back Norman, leave Harry dead.

#Bucky- Yeah I know, but still, it's Bucky.

That's all for now, because I'm tired. \:P But most of those are a definite. What about you guys?

Norman Osborne - his death depicted the consequences of rage, greed, and crime.

Bucky - his death showed risk of heroism and shaped Capt America's character.

Aunt May - Inevitable course of life.

Jean Grey - Phoenix Force also. This strikes me as the start of all the returning characters. Her death was too important to the story and without that story her character is too unimportant to return.

Uncle Ben (yeah I know - but he is due back any day now).

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