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Subj: Gambit, Pym, Falcon, Taskmaster, Ms. Marvel
Posted: Sun Jun 30, 2013 at 01:46:02 am EDT (Viewed 423 times)
Reply Subj: Which 5 Marvel characters would you move to the upper echelon of the MU?
Posted: Fri Jun 28, 2013 at 10:52:36 pm EDT (Viewed 36 times)

    Ok the thread down below about which 5 characters would you delete from the Marvel Universe got me thinking. Which five characters which you move to the upper echelon of the Marvel Universe?

Characters that need more prominence:

Gambit - Outside of Wolverine and Cyclops, the X-Men don't have any leading characters. Other characters like Deadpool and Cable are really only tangential to the X-Men on the outskirts of the franchise. While Gambit has had his own shots of various ongoings, it's never been done well. Marvel always uses the character for promotional purposes but never really has any stories that utilize the character well. He prominent on the cover for House of M (, AvX (, etc. He's also a part of one of Marvel's most popular couples. With his recent title cancelled, make him the star of Astonishing X-Men and let him lead the team. Keep Karma, Northstar, and Reyes. Fill out the roster with the X-Men characters that aren't being used elsewhere like Magma, Chamber, and Warpath.

Pym - The biggest Avenger that gets the least amout of respect, where even the movie of Ant-Man might not have Pym in the main role. Marvel has had the character go thru a few changes over the last decade from being just Pym, to the Wasp, to Giant-Man, and now back seemingly to Pym again. The Avengers AI title is just a bad idea that is destined to fail. Robotic characters just aren't interesting or popular. Give the guy an Avengers Legacy title where he goes around fixing all the problems in the Avengers universe. Fill out a semi-team with the Vision, WonderMan, the Wasp, the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver.

Falcon - The Marvel lineup needs more ethnic diversity in the spotlight, and the Falcon is a great choice to be that male African-American character. He's in cartoons and movies, but he's never had a big role in the comics. Part of this is because the character isn't anything special, but he can be fixed. Make him an Agent of Shield, make him a smarter character, and give the costume an upgrade. Even give the character a role with the Avengers as their SHIELD liason. Move him away from Captain America so we don't see him as a sidekick as much. Still keep the friendship but have him interact more with other characters as well.

Taskmaster - Really cool powerset, but the character has always been held back because fans don't take him serious. The revamp he got in the 2000s was great, and Marvel should really bring him back to that look and personality. It's hard to take the character seriously as he is now/historically and he's just a laughing stock.

Ms. Marvel - Marvel needs to have a prominent female character and that role is currently unfilled. Get away from the Captain Marvel name and don't associate the character with it anymore. The current costume is pretty terrible as well. Go back to what it was before. Give the character a prominent role in the Avengers title and make her the second in command to Cap. All the big moments should involve the character.

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