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Subj: Re: Marvel Now title most in need of a change?
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Reply Subj: Marvel Now title most in need of a change?
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With the Marvel Now relaunch approaching 9 months in, which title(s) do you think are most in need of a change? A change could be a change in the status quo, of the story, characters, or creators. Let's also keep in narrowed own to the books that were launched with Marvel Now.

A breakdown of eligible titles:
Avengers: Uncanny Avengers, A+X, Captain America, Indestructible Hulk, Iron Man, Thor God of Thunder, Avengers, New Avengers, Young Avengers, Secret Avengers

X-Men: All New X-Men, X-Men Legacy, Cable and X-Force, Savage Wolverine, Uncanny X-Force, Uncanny X-Men, Wolverine, X-Men

Marvel Heroes: Deadpool, Fantastic Four, FF, Thunderbolts, Superior Spider-Man, Fearless Defenders, Guardians of the Galaxy,

For me, I think the biggest disappointment has been the Fantastic Four and FF titles. Compared to the previous run with Hickman, the title just doesn't feel that exciting anymore. Fraction has taken the main team on a cosmic/time adventure that lasts a year, and I could no longer stick around on the title waiting for that story to end. FF just became uninteresting as well. Everything about the titles is just boring. I think the only thing that can fix these title to change everything about them, from the stories to the creators. Mike Allred and Bagley are wasted on the titles. I'd much rather see Bagley on Wolverine and the X-Men and Allred on anything else.

Additionally, Deadpool and Cable and X-Force are both disappointing titles. I was a fan of Way's title with Deadpool, but the new writers just don't get the character with the one-lines. Deadpool is funny/insane not a stand up comic. Cable and X-Force just isn't a good title period. Just two more titles that need to be completely changed.

I pick up Hawkeye religiously, if not because of the story (which has been solid, not excellent), but because of supporting the character.

Secret Avengers has also been okay, but I preferred the last version. I have to agree with Bronze Tiger: either get rid of it completely or start off with a SHIELD title with a true SHIELD-controlled superteam. No more of the mind-wipe crap. I like the idea of the rotating cast (a la Secret Defenders and Heroes for Hire), but not in this fashion.

I have found Fearless Defenders to be a pretty decent read. Not overly great, mainly because the main villain has no personality and is instantly forgettable, but I've liked the banter between the characters. Wasn't really sure what I would think about an all-female team and I'm still not sure it's necessary, but it has been a pleasant surprise for me.

Iron Man and Cap--haven't really gotten into them at all. Didn't like the premise of the original stories and the price ($3.99) is not worth the quality. Gimme Venom (which has been awesome, especially with the new Crime Master and the role of Hellstorm), Hawkeye, and Scarlet Spider (amazing, simply amazing) at a $2.99 price with better action, better stories, better supporting characters, and better villains.

I don't pick up X titles because there are simply too many of them to handle.

Tried Fantastic Four over my vacation. While there are some holes, I have come around to the concept of the family vacation-because-we're-dying angle. Maybe it's because I read the bulk of the series thus far in order within a two day period, but MJ you are right: it's hard to come off of a Hickman run. It's like trying to replace a quarterback who won a couple of Super Bowls: you'll never live up to the legend in the eyes of the fans.

Superior Spider-Man has gotten me back into Spidey. I left for the past 100 issues because of some ridiculous storylines, but I'm thinking about going back to the final run of Amazing. Do you think it's worth it?

Guardians is written by Bendis. I used to pick up Guardians when Abnett & Lanning pulled it out of deep space. I perused the first two issues and HATED it...get a new writer on it--QUICK--before the title becomes too overbearing before the movie. Once again, Bendis ruins books and once again, I don't understand how people buy them. If anyone out there doesn't believe it--pick up the first 12 issues of the Abnett/Lanning run, read them, and then read what Bendis has developed thus far. You'll understand my grief.

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