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A recent thread got me thinking, which is always dangerous.

The retcon has always been a tool used by comic book writers; Captain America's origin is a retcon, for example. So sometimes retcons can be a good thing. But all too often I think retcons do more harm than good.

So I thought it would be fun if everyone chose what they thought was the worst retcon and why. While Bucky/Winter Soldier is high on my list, I think the worst is...


Okay, fictional countries in comics are nothing new and sometimes a country might be added late in a series' run (i.e. Madripoor). This is often done because like fictional cities you have a great deal of latitude regarding what you can do, even going so far as to blowing said country off the map.

But in the case of Genosha the entire concept was mind numbingly stupid. The concept was to bring to light the South African policy of Apartheid, which kept the black African population down as an abused and exploited second class in South Africa. I have no problem with addressing real world problems in comics; the concept of mutants acts as an allegory from gay rights to racism to teenage rebellion, depending on point of view and era.

But Genosha is supposed to be an island nation where the government possesses Doctor Doom levels of technology and an apparently abnormally high mutant-to-human population. The mutants were mind wiped and turned into slaves.

When you read those comics it is obvious this has been going on for years, because mutants are identified at birth and enslaved early on. So how is it Magneto and Xavier let this horror go on? I would think if there was any one thing on Earth that would unite these two men it would have been to liberate the mutants of Genosha.

Genosha was the final straw for me. After Wolverine stabbing Rachel Summers in the chest; after the X-Men faking their deaths and becoming "legends"; after the X-Men neglected to tell every super hero on the planet the Brood were on Earth and they liked to lay eggs in super humans; this storyline made me realize that when Chris Claremont does not have a co-plotter and/or a good editor to reign him in, he is a terrible writer.

Okay, that as my worst retcon. How about you?

I was going to say Bendis's making the Beyonder an Inhuman. As that's just all sorts of whacked out, in terms of trying to fit it into continuity, but then folks started mentioning Sins Past, which I'll have to accept as the worst. Not only doesn't it make sense within the continuity but also as a bonus it retroactively trashes an older character and cheapens the tragedy of one of the best gut punch character endings ever presented in comic form.

And JMS's defenses of blaming the reader for it, STILL leave me with a bad taste in my mouth..

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