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Subj: Re: Magical super villain team?
Posted: Sun Jul 14, 2013 at 12:19:53 pm EDT (Viewed 95 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Magical super villain team?
Posted: Sun Jul 14, 2013 at 08:02:40 am EDT (Viewed 103 times)


      I would like this. Somehow I can already see it, drawn by Barry Windsor-Smith.

    Is he still in the game?

I don't think so. I wonder what modern artist would fill the same niche. I want someone whose art is not only dynamic but actually beautiful in a Pre-Raphaelite way.


      Next I would add Morgan Le Fay and Modred the Mystic.

    I responded to this below. I thought Morgan too powerful, Modred too dead. \:\)

Dead means not yet resurrected, didn't you know? \(cool\)

Plus magicians can travel time, so he could appear in the present despite being dead in the past.

Morgan is quite powerful, but we should remember that the Avengers usually encounter her after she's had plenty of "prep time" as the Battleboard would say. I bet if we gave Baron Mordo that much time, he could set up some pretty dangerous scenarios.


      I like Diablo a lot but I don't think he considers himself to be a magician. In his mind, alchemy is science. He probably wouldn't fit in, so I would only use him if I purposely wanted someone who didn't quite fit.

    I guess I just like Diablo so much I would want to see him on the team. Also, I like the idea of an alchemist being on the team. You have Juggernaut as muscle, Black Talon for Voodoo and/or necromancy, Baron Mordo for straight up sorcery, etc. Diablo could be there to prove to the others just how superior his ancient science is to their supernatural foolishness.

Your last sentence clinched it for me. In his mind, it isn't that he doesn't fit in with the others, but rather, that they don't fit in with him! Nevertheless, in the interest of a grand and devious scheme, he will tolerate their participation.

    I can see Enchantress getting booted from the team, but I guess I wanted at least one woman there, and a powerful one at that. But by your definition is Morgan a magical being? She is half faerie so she already had inherent magical powers.

Yes, but Morgan still trained herself in magic. I don't know if the Enchantress actually did.

If we use the Enchantress, don't we have to involve Asgard somehow? Does she care about Midgard (Earth) at all? That's another reason I shied away from her. I didn't want Asgard involved. I prefer to keep Asgard isolated to the Thor comic.


      I wish we could use some of Conan's enemies.

    I'm not sure why they couldn't be used. Kulan Gath crossed over from Red Sonja to the MU to fight the X-Men and Avengers, for example.

And now Dynamite has him, in their Red Sonja comic. But maybe Zukala (father of Zephra) could be used. I love that guy. Far as I know, Roy Thomas invented him. I guess that makes him fair game. He could be described as an ancient sorcerer who has slept for 20,000 years. No need to mention Conan. He could even have another daughter, who reminds him of the daughter he lost long before he dropped into preternatural slumber. (I want Roy Thomas back. I used to love seeing words like "preternatural" in a comic book.) This new daughter could be a sorceress in her own right.

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