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Subj: Re: List of all the reasons Earth is considered "special" and Celestials
Posted: Fri Jul 19, 2013 at 08:21:37 am EDT (Viewed 15 times)
Reply Subj: Re: List of all the reasons Earth is considered "special" and Celestials
Posted: Thu Jul 18, 2013 at 04:47:18 pm EDT (Viewed 236 times)

    My fave: Marvel Earth lies upon the Celestial Axis, a ribbon of organic energy that runs through time and space.

    1. The Celestials created Eternals, Deviants, and mutants.
    The Celestials gave primitive humans the capability for benevolent mutations. Apparently, they have done this to other worlds, but Earth is the first one to successfully develop or at least not destroy itself yet. Is this story still canon?

    Earth isn't even one of the first to develop or not destroy itself. Skrulls and Kree are products of Celestial tampering, as well.

Well technically the Skrulls did destroy their original homeworld by creating the Shaper of Worlds if memory serves

And then its replacement got destroyed by Galactus but that's not their fault.

    Which calls into question the Celestials coming back to destroy Earth if humans stop evolving. It's been fact for a long time that Skrulls and Kree have stopped evolving, yet Celestials don't seem to care much.

Maybe the Skrulls killing off their flatscan and eternal counterparts (and scaring off the Dire Wraiths) and the Kree killing off their deviant and eternal counterparts (and scaring off the Cotati) rendered those experiments moot.

Humans sharing a planet with races like the Eternals and Deviants may have created the competition necessary for humans to evolve.

I would say the Celestials never really want to destroy earth. They just find some unknown quality of us lacking and every so often they come and scare us into getting our shit together.

    They also don't seem to care much about The Brethren, a race of evolved bacteria they once used to eradicate unworthy worlds. The Celestials abandoned them ages ago and they're allowed to freely roam the universe. There generally hasn't been a whole lot of rhyme or reason to how they deem their experiments.

I would assume Overmind's people were also another experiment.

One thing I've always wondered about...the races in the Shi'ar ...modified by Celestials or not? The multitude of power sets would seem to imply it but I don't remember anything ever tying the Shi'ar to the Celestials.

For whatever reason I've always assumed the Badoon evolved naturally without Celestial intervention...and were utterly unremarkable as a result.

    Ego seems to have been their handiwork. They once judged him/it.

Wasn't Ego one of many other sentient planetoids? I seem to remember him getting absorbed by something called Super Ego that was absorbing others like Ego during Defalco's run on Thor.

In fact didn't they create a whole galaxy and then destroy it so it could hatch a Celestial...I seem to remember that.

    The story isn't done yet, but we're meant to think it was killed. I suspect and hope otherwise. This is one of my complaints about how Celestials are used lately. They've become far too mundane for my liking. They used to be totally awe-inspiring. Not anymore. In a fairly recent Fantastic Four, Franklin mind-controlled Galactus into killing some alternate universe vesions of Celestials. IMO, they should only ever be defeated because they feel like it. The heroes should always be left scratching their heads about what they did right.

Well when you stop and consider Anthropomorpho none of these cosmic beings are ever really fighting each other. They're using M-bodies as avatars to appear corporeal in this dimension and when you see two cosmic beings fight it's like my robot fighting your robot which we are both controlling from our respective homes...neither one of us is actually going to be injured in the melee...a proxy gets destroyed and that's about it and then they just ask Anthropomorpho for another one.

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