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Subj: Johnny Storm GFs, in order of my taste
Posted: Thu Oct 22, 2015 at 06:08:39 pm EDT (Viewed 134 times)
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      I looked at Uncanny Inhumans but decided I couldn't stand watching Johnny and Medusa as a couple. Crystal's your soul mate, Johnny.

    Don't like seeing him with Medusa either, but I can't believe people are still shipping him with Crystal. Ugh! Johnny's had about 10 other better women in his life.

Well, there was Alicia - hmm, why is it that Marvel keeps pairing Johnny with women who are loved by his friends? It's kind of creepy. (Yes, I know "Alicia" was a Skrull. But Johnny didn't know that at first.)

I can't think of any other serious love interests he'd had. I know he's dated a bunch of women, but it never seemed serious.

    Ant-Man - meet the new world; same as the old world

Yeah, Secret Wars doesn't seem to have mattered to Scott Lang. But that's fine. I didn't want it to. His story wasn't broken. It doesn't need fixing.

Lyja Laserfist - perhaps my favourite FF female character of all time

Frankie Raye - probably partially because this was around the time I started reading

Dorrie Evans - after her recent appearance in #645 in a story called "Rekindled," I'd hoped they would get back together, but noooooo

Namorita - yeahyeah Nova yeahyeah she died-- he did too, and what happened with her time-displaced version; see someone on the team HAS TO hook up with either an Atlantean or a Skrull! just gotta!

Crystal - sorry, but she's always seemed kind of flaky to me... and I have issues with even the "best" Inhumans, which she isn't...

City of Heroes is BACK!