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Subj: Re: Does anyone think Steve Rogers will die in Avengers III?
Posted: Sat Oct 31, 2015 at 04:17:48 am EDT (Viewed 115 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Does anyone think Steve Rogers will die in Avengers III?
Posted: Fri Oct 30, 2015 at 04:54:42 pm EDT (Viewed 117 times)

    Chris Evans has declared that he'll keep playing Cap until the end of his career, he really likes the role and they extended his contract I think.

I'm cool with that. I think he owns the role every bit as much as Downey Junior owns his.

    Downy was only on until the first Avengers movie originally but by all that is Stan he's gonna ride that pony into the ground (I agree with the op, the Cap movies are the best and Winter Soldier raised the bar imo and the 2nd and 3rd IM movies just went down hill.)

I like Downey Junior in the Avengers films better than in his own. He benefits greatly from having so many strong characters to play against.

    I was just watching Age of Ultron again and the biggest thrill for me in that movie are the Cap scenes, he just does such a good job.

The Hulk scenes are always great too. And I was fascinated by the Vision.

    If he gets Brubakered in CW or the Infinity movie I'll lose a lot of interest in the movies that follow. AoE didn't do for Avngers what Winter Soldier did for Cap:First Avenger. It went backwards rather than forwards.

I don't feel the Avengers franchise went backwards, but I can't really say it advanced either, except in so far as we got some additional team members. Also, I think the film advanced Iron Man's story line. He obviously is obsessed with figuring out how to realistically protect the Earth. We haven't gotten the slightest inkling of that from his own films. The plot thread only exists in the Avengers films until, presumably, Cap III, when Iron Man's obsession will presumably put him at odds with Cap.

Also, Cap II had a huge impact on Agents of SHIELD. Neither the Iron Man films nor the Thor films had anywhere near such an impact. I predict Cap III will likewise have a huge impact on Agents of SHIELD.