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    I both agree and disagree.

    I think that Marvels smaller, more niche titles - those not so strongly connected to the larger Marvel Universe - are places where creativity still runs free off the leash.

    The larger, more mainstream books however very much feel like marketing tools to me, and the non-stop procession of 'big events' is exhausting and - after more than ten years of them - has finally driven me away from them.

    Theres no doubt whatsoever that there are more gimmicks now than there were in the 90's. Yeah, you may have got a foil cover back then, but you didn't have to endure an 'unmissable' event every six months, a new #1 on all your favourite books every year, a dozen Avengers books all as mundane as each other, 'celebrity' teams composed not of characters that actually fit together or make sense but those with the highest profile and guaranteed to make the biggest sales, 'exclusive' or novelty cover variants are now a monthly norm instead of something that occurred every couple of years. The internet meanwhile has definitely ramped the amount of hyperbole up to eleven.

Okay, I'll largely agree with you here. I mostly don't care for the big crossovers, either, and the more niche books do seem to be given more creative leeway.

But I don't think that Marvel can be blamed for what "the internet" does in terms of hyperbole. I don't mind the variant covers, either, because they're entirely optional. I ignore them, and I'm completely able to buy the regular covers of the books I like (whereas if the only version of a book available to buy in the old days was a special cover, then I *had* to shill out the chromium/embossed/metallic/die-cut/holographic cover).

And I actually have no problem with all of the #1 issues. I like the idea of a seasonal approach to books; to recognizing that each new creative team represents a new iteration or vision of a particular character. But the new #1s for everything after Secret Wars is pretty goofy - props to the Squirrel Girl team for bragging that this month's issue is "Only our second #1 so far this year"!

    Its admittedly quite early days for this, but the writing is clearly on the wall.

    Weve seen characters adopt costumes that are more akin to their movie versions. Some characters have been replaced with others more similar to those seen in other media (Nick Fury, Sam Alexander and the new Vision for example). Weve had titles like 'Avengers Assemble' - a comic book that deliberately apes the movies.

    I only see this continuing because theres no doubt that dragging those millions of movie goers (or at least their kids) into spending their money on Marvels comics is the goose that laid the golden egg.

I actually have to disagree. I don't think that Marvel Films (which is, after all, a completely separate corporate entity) is almost entirely uninterested in driving viewers to read Marvel comics. And I don't think that Disney really cares too much, either. Comics are small potatoes compared to MCU film audiences. And if Marvel comics really thought that their best route to growing the business was pulling in movie viewers then they'd likely not want to confuse them by having books that feature a black Captain America and a female Thor.

Rather, I think that the moves to mirror some of the MCU's b-list and c-list characters are being made because Marvel knows that basically 100% of its readers will now be familiar with the MCU renditions of those supporting characters. I know that when someone says "Nick Fury" that *I* immediately think of Nick Fury. Marvel has shown that they're not afraid to change their established characters; my guess is that the changes you've described are being made for the benefit of crossover reader/viewers like me.

    'Angst' is fine every so often, but not all the time.

    The likes of Alan Moore and Frank Miller have a lot to answer for - its because of them that writers seem to think that every story has to be Watchmen. You've got Daredevil fans complaining because the last series wasn't miserable enough.

    Mutant Massacre was a rarity in the 80's - generally comics were a little more upbeat than that. Now it seems like the objective of every writer is to make you want to self-harm by constantly reminding you what a horrible place the world is and giving you characters who are unlikable arseholes.

That may be your impression, but it's certainly not the one I get from literally any of the Marvel books I've either picked up monthly since I started reading Marvel again in the last few years (Young Avengers, Thor: God of Thunder, Thor, Loki: Agent of Asgard, She-Hulk, Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel, Storm, The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl) or the ones I've picked up in trades (Fraction's Hawkeye, Waid's Daredevil). So I don't know what to tell you.

    Nothing makes us feel the way it did when we were kids. *shrug*

    True, but only a few years ago I still used to RUN to the comic shop. A fully grown man running across town because he was that excited to pick up his comics.

    Far too often over the last year or so however I've had to force myself to travel to pick my comics up. I have to drive nearly 20 miles to my nearest large city, which never seemed like a chore to me in the past, but now I find myself struggling to see the point in doing so. Additionally Secret Wars has seem me reduce the number of Marvel comics I collect by so much that its not even worth the mileage going in every week because theres only three or four books waiting for me.

That's too bad. I know how you feel, probably: my interested dropped off and I ended up going 15+ years without buying any (superhero) comics. It might be worth checking out stuff from other companies? There's a lot of great work out there right now. \:\-\)

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