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Subj: I guess there's no accounting for taste
Posted: Sat Nov 07, 2015 at 05:44:22 pm EST (Viewed 130 times)
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    Ehh. The things that drove me away seem to have been somewhat mitigated: fewer characters with compound names that involve "blood" or "death"; less of a trying-to-be-badass post-Image vibe; fewer "bad girl" costume designs that look like softcore porn; a comics lineup that isn't 100% white dudes; fewer books written by Scott Lobdell or drawn by Rob Liefeld, etc etc.

    Every new baddie is just an Image-esque "trying to be badass." Big deal if we don't see names like Lobdell and Liefeld; they've just been replaced by likes of Aaron, Remender, Hickman, et al.

    To be brutally honest, Liefeld and Lobdell were tremendously more respectful to what came before than these guys. I consider them to have butchered the works of Lee, Kirby, Claremont, and a bunch of others.

Well I don't really care for Remender's writing but I've enjoyed what I've read from Aaron and Hickman in the past few years (which is much more than I can say for the work of L & L).

Basically you've made two claims here:

- That "every new baddie is just an Image-esque 'trying to be badass'". Personally I don't see it. I can honestly say that this description wouldn't apply to any of the new antagonists introduced in any book I've bought since I returned to Marvel (circa issue #1 of the latest volume of Young Avengers). Maybe I'm not reading the right books? The new Guardians of the Galaxy villain with the skull shoulderpads looks pretty goofy.

- That the current crop of Marvel writers - specifically Aaron, Remender, and Hickman - are not sufficiently "respectful" of the work of their forebears, and also that they have "butchered" said work. This is two really two claims, I suppose. The first is just a question of opinion. I don't see how those writers have failed to be respectful of the work that was created before them. As for the claim that they've "butchered" said work? Frankly I don't see how this is possible. The work the Lee and Kirby and Claremont did still exists. Nothing that current Marvel writers have done can change that. If Marvel re-published those old issues and changed the dialogue or panels: *that* could result in a butchering of the original art. I'm guessing that you mean something different with this term than how I would use it?