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Subj: ROM's neutralizer
Posted: Sun Dec 13, 2015 at 02:40:00 pm CST (Viewed 4 times)
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    I am not a huge fan of franchise crossovers.

Yet a lot of the fun of ROM was his interaction with the greater Marvel Universe, no?

IDW's universe would be GI Joe and the Transformers. Have these two met each other yet?

    That being said, if ROM does arrive on Earth in IDW and they establish that it IS the same Earth/universe as GI Joe, then they could recreate the old marvel era of ROM starting with ROM #51 when he made the whole Earth aware of the war with the Wraiths and how because of their recent actions ROM will now have his neutralizer set on KILL mode rather then banishment. After that SHIELD became involved and worked with ROM.

Or maybe GI Joe could keep the secret. GI Joe is analogous to SHIELD so some of the old Marvel fun could certainly be rekindled.

    Soon after came the mutant FORGE and his own neutralizer he built after looking at ROM's and how he built a power booster for ROM's and more...

    As to crossing to the Transformers, presuming that this new ROM's neutralizer does in fact nullify any energy source it hits then he could too easily shut down any Transformer he blasts.

One of my gripes about ROM back in the day was that his weapon was too powerful and too final. This was similar to my gripe about Roy Thomas's original version of Warlock, who could devolve any sapient being to a prior, non-sapient stage of its biological evolution. Too powerful. Too final.

I'm hoping the new neutralizer will be less powerful and less final in what it does.

The capabilities of ROM's neutralizer:

1. Banish wraiths to limbo, it was later shown that this setting could send anyone to limbo, even ROM himself when he was caught in the beam. He also used this to send a renegade Spaceknight to Limbo.

2. KILL setting. This setting would kill almost anyone hit by it. Galactus of course easily repelled this attack. Also at a time when Dire Wraith magic was augmented they could disperse or repel the beam of the neutralizer.

3. Combined setting of banish/kill. This was the only setting that could work against Hybrid.

4. nullify any energy source it contacts. This could shut down machinery or magic sources since magic is energy. Again, some forces such as Galactus or overamped magic wielders could repel/deflect this. This beam could also cure people of radiation poisoning such as when he cured people afflicted by gamma rays and when he fought the Hulk who was reverting to savage Hulk from Banner Hulk after the first Secret war. The beam slightly calmed Hulk for a moment but ROM realized it couldn't cure the HULK.

When ROM's son, Liberator Spaceknight inherited the neutralizer its functions were the same, but also it had an A.I. in it that would judge if one was worthy to wield it and to defend itself from being destroyed by a saboteur.

The Neutralizer also was capable of slaying the Death wings spawned from the Black Sun itself.

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