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    The capabilities of ROM's neutralizer:

    1. Banish wraiths to limbo, it was later shown that this setting could send anyone to limbo, even ROM himself when he was caught in the beam. He also used this to send a renegade Spaceknight to Limbo.

    2. KILL setting. This setting would kill almost anyone hit by it. Galactus of course easily repelled this attack. Also at a time when Dire Wraith magic was augmented they could disperse or repel the beam of the neutralizer.

    3. Combined setting of banish/kill. This was the only setting that could work against Hybrid.

    4. nullify any energy source it contacts. This could shut down machinery or magic sources since magic is energy. Again, some forces such as Galactus or overamped magic wielders could repel/deflect this. This beam could also cure people of radiation poisoning such as when he cured people afflicted by gamma rays and when he fought the Hulk who was reverting to savage Hulk from Banner Hulk after the first Secret war. The beam slightly calmed Hulk for a moment but ROM realized it couldn't cure the HULK.

    When ROM's son, Liberator Spaceknight inherited the neutralizer its functions were the same, but also it had an A.I. in it that would judge if one was worthy to wield it and to defend itself from being destroyed by a saboteur.

    The Neutralizer also was capable of slaying the Death wings spawned from the Black Sun itself.

Forge's inferior copy of the Neutralizer had the unintended side effect of turning off a super beings power. Storm was powerless for a couple years as a result I think. Volx the Wraith Queen later tried to use Forge's version to take away the powers of everyone on earth.

Forge did attempt to replicate the neutralizer and energy analyzer with the result being devices that would neutralize and detect mutants.

The device did blast Storm, but Rogue was the intended target.

Storm's powers were indeed nullified for some time, though on occasion of extreme emotion from her the weather would alter to reflect her mood.

Forge's neutralizer was then shown in IRON MAN back when Rhodey was in the suit while Tony was still recovering from the bottle. Rhodey was starting to act irrational and was facing a mutant corporate saboteur named TERMITE. Tony zapped him with the neutralizer and Rhodey as IM in a fit of anger destroyed the neutralizer.

Forge meanwhile was working on a powerbooster for ROM's neutralizer. It was in orbit and the stated plan was to zap all of Earth with the augmented beam for a mass banishment of the wraiths to Limbo with the side effect being that all heroes and villains get a simultaneous depowering.

Henry Peter Gyrich was all for this and was becoming obsessed with the plan. However ROM and Forge were secretly going to turn the augmented beam onto WRAITHWORLD itself as it entered Earth orbit before it could merge with Earth. The plan worked, and Wraithworld was negated and sent to Limbo causing all Wraiths in the cosmos to lose their source of magic power.

The booster needed ROM's neutralizer to work but it was subsequently dismantled.

The heroes on Earth gathered to fight all the Wraiths at that moment and after they were beaten, Captain America said only ROM had the right to judge and sentence them. ROM arrives and sends the gathered Wraiths to Limbo thus Earth is purged of Wraiths and he heads into space to find Galador.

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