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I think that Magneto would be good. Maybe Baron Zemo from Civil War. Why can't Marvel do The Mandarin? I think that Kang would certainly LOOK good on film, but he is just too confusing, unless they totally divert from the comics.

I won't get into the Mandarin here, as we discuss him to death on the Iron Man board.

Magneto would make for a good solo film. Focus on the years before he met Xavier.

Kang is one of my top choices. He rose to power. Frankly, any villain who rose to power would make a good film. Show us the rise.

Having thought about it some more, I think Apocalypse fairly cries out for a solo movie and is my number one top choice. The guy has thousands of years of history before ever meeting the X-Men.

Per Wikipedia:

"The being who would later be called Apocalypse was born thousands of years ago in Aqaba. He was born with the mutant X-gene, and possibly the first living being on Earth to express it. Because of his gray skin and blue lips, his people abandoned him as an infant. He was rescued by Baal of the Sandstormers who saw the child's potential power and will to survive. Baal named him En Sabah Nur, which Marvel translates as "The First One". The Sandstormers lived by the credo of survival of the fittest, believing that only those who are strong enough to survive hardship and direct conflict are worthy of life. It is also revealed during the Apocalypse Wars that, while still a young boy, En Sabah Nur was very generous and selfless, to the chagrin of Baal. A time-displaced Evan Sabah Nur and All-New X-Men Beast tried to save En Sabah Nur, but he allowed himself to be captured to help them escape.

"Around this time, the time-traveller Kang the Conqueror arrived in Egypt and assumed the identity of Pharaoh Rama-Tut. Knowing who En Sabah Nur was fated to become and where he was, Rama-Tut sent his General Ozymandias and an army to destroy the Sandstormers and find the young Apocalypse. En Sabah Nur and Baal were injured and sought refuge in a cave. Before he died, Baal revealed advanced alien technology hidden in the cave, left behind by the deity-like aliens known as Celestials. Vowing revenge on Rama-Tut, En Sabah Nur entered the Pharaoh's city posing as a slave and drew the romantic attention of Ozymandias's sister, Nephri. On seeing the mutant's true appearance, Nephri rejected him and turned to her brother for protection. Heartbroken, En Sabah Nur's rage caused his mutant abilities to fully emerge. Rampaging, he renamed himself Apocalypse. Rama-Tut fled and En Sabah Nur used the Celestial technology to transform his former tormentor Ozymandias into a blind clairvoyant made of living stone, now enslaved to Apocalypse. As the years went on, Apocalypse found he no longer aged.

"It is revealed in the series S.H.I.E.L.D. that Apocalypse at some point in the days of Ancient Egypt joined forces with the Brotherhood of the Shield to successfully fend off a Brood invasion. Also present were Imhotep and a man who was either the moon god called Khonshu or his first Moon Knight avatar/champion."

If that doesn't sound like the first film of a trilogy, I don't know what does. Plus it introduces Kang, who could then go on to have his own movie, perhaps not a trilogy, but at least one film.

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