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Subj: Re: CBR addressed the comic book legend about that page once
Posted: Sun Jan 21, 2018 at 12:15:37 am EST (Viewed 506 times)
Reply Subj: Re: CBR addressed the comic book legend about that page once
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    I did some digging for the old CBR legends link that talks about that rather infamous page. Simply put, the pages that went to print were NOT what we imagine that scene to be.

    It was basically fixed from the original page that the top of Wanda's head was still on panel and her fingers were glowing from her power so that she could scratch into Simon's chest skin.

    The original artwork however......well here's the link, see for yourself

That was fascinating! Len Kaminski is an excellent storyteller, by the way. And pretty darn good with photoshop, too.

So now I hate Byrne even more than I did before. Not only did he obliterate one of the greatest comic book characters of all time (the Bronze Age Vision) and one of the greatest love stories of all time (the Vision and the Scarlet Witch) but he also laid all the groundwork for Disassembled and what followed. I never realized this before. Bendis was simply extrapolating from plot points that had all been laid down by Byrne.


Well I still hate Bendis, but yes Byrne did lay the groundwork.

However with all the reboots/retcons, I think we have the Bronze age Vision back, don't we?

However I still applaud that storyline as it did give us the return of the original Torch as I remembered reading Vision learning his origin from Immortus and wondering just why was Immortus being so kind and that I smelled a long term plan of some kind, as well as the scent of a rat in the form of Immortus.

Of course the problem is that too many writers don't know what to do with the Android Torch so they either blow him up and leave him "dead" for years until an anniversary event brings him back, or they just let him fade into the background since they all seem to think the MU can't have two or more Torches, which makes no sense.

Multiple Captain Americas: the original, Captain Stevil, the Falcon and USAgent.

Multiple Iron Man: the original plus War Machine

Multiple THOR: original, the current fake-THOR, Beta Ray Bill

Multiple Hulks: original, Cho, Red Hulk, She Hulk, Red She hulk, Abomination, A-Bomb....

As to Wanda loving the Vision yet not loving Wonder Man for so long, that also made little sense to me. Vision's mind is Simon Williams brain waves copied into Vision's brain circuits so in effect he was Simon Williams, albeit a copied version that lived his life in an android form, then the original version is mutated into a super hero yet still has the same emotions and thought processes for the most part so Simon loving Wanda made sense.