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Subj: Re: Create your MARVEL KIDS!! What would the powers be? Check INSIDE!!!
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Reply Subj: Create your MARVEL KIDS!! What would the powers be? Check INSIDE!!!
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***Because I love alternate universes so much...I often wonder what heroes who prob don't interact that often would be together in another universe and have kids...what would that look like?

Thor and Carol Danvers

Michael Thorson aka The Radiant

Class 100 strength
Energy Manipulation
Prone to berserker rage which leads into Binary mode power levels for a short time

Jean Grey and Captain America

Lena Rogers aka Commander

Powerful Telekinetic whose only unconscious telepathic ability is to make everyone around her inspired, to follow her lead. Her will power is second to none.

Wasp and Spider-Man

Jared Parker aka The Pest

Has the power to manifest the abilities of any and ALL insects. Potentially one of the worlds most powerful heroes...but he is also highly annoying, he has his fathers ability to get under the skin of the bad guys with his quick wit, but also he gets under the skin of...just about everyone!

Human Torch and Magik

Natasha Storm aka Hellfire

She has her fathers powers except her flames are demonic. Hellfire. Her flames burn hotter than Johnny Storms on avg.

Namor and Emma Frost

Alexander McKenzie aka Sea God

He has the power to control the waters of the seven seas. His power is on a planetary level. He sees himself as superior to just about everyone else. He is rarely ever seen as he enjoys his time alone at the bottom of the Ocean.

Conan and Elektra

Krom Natchios

Krom is the definition of a true warrior, trained for battle since he could walk. Having learned from both his mother and his father he is among the most adept hand to hand combatants on earth. He is a peak human who has created his own unique fighting style that is nearly unstoppable. He is a peak human on par with Captain America at his finest.

What do you think?

What are some of your idea!!

What about...

Thing and Rogue having a kid. I think it makes sense that they can both bond over a feeling of isolation, even among groups that are like family. I think it would be a good relationship.

The kid would be named Something... or something better than that.

They would have a rocky form most of the time, but when They absorbs someone he appears human. There would always be a temptation to just go full vampire. Great complex character dynamics!

Captain America and Storm

They are both genuinely good people who stress the importance of empathy, morality, compassion, and justice for all, also natural leaders. I think they could get along famously.

I could see him/her as a type of rebel hero. Wanting to create more perfect union for everyone, and live in harmony with the world. A real hippie sort. Even a leading a group of followers... but rejecting that as an idea. They are viewed as friends, and often stresses the idea that he is not a leader... even though there is an aptitude that comes in handy, and does view their safety has a responsibility.