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Subj: Re: THE UNION #1: Just read it...
Posted: Thu Dec 03, 2020 at 12:49:22 pm EST (Viewed 219 times)
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    I can take or leave Cornell. He had a few writing ticks that really annoyed me though I liked the basic ideas of his plots.

    However, I do kind of wish they would actually stick with a particular UK team and promote that instead of giving us a new one. A new Pendragon team for example. We have Agents of Wakanda, why not an Agents of Pendragon? I get that Excalibur is stuck right now being a mutant book but it seems a big strike to create an all new team made up with all but one new characters. There were no other familiar characters to put in to increase the draw at least a little bit? Spitfire? Albion? Black Knight? Modred the Mystic? I'd even settle for Shamrock. Just that there should be a little more balance between the new characters and established ones to draw the reader in. Otherwise, it feels mostly like a book featuring next crossover's cannon fodder.

Just read it.

Any of your suggested additions might've given this ish something to remember it by - other than the awesome cover.

This premiere, capture the flag story, art, untold formation, line-up, introductions (other than Britania potential), codenames (other than Britania again), UJ showing, crossover symbiote, Darwin (the Jaxon-esque wannabe-antagonist) were all unfortunately unremarkable.

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I miss you, Dan. I miss you, Dad. I miss you, Dan.
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