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I stumbled across yet another youtube video about how Captain Marvel is basically being forced upon us in the MCU & the comics as "the best". People really resent it. Her character certainly hasn't resonated with me. (I liked her a lot better as Warbird in Busiek's Avengers)

It got me thinking about which Marvel female characters I think are worth the effort to elevate to top tier. I've got a list of heroes I'm working on, but it turned out easier for me to make a list of 10 female villains I think could be made into recurring BIG threats with just a little bit of work.


Create by Ultron to be a mate, they "broke up" over Alkhema asserting her independence, as well as Alkhema prefering to kill humans slowly "for fun" rather than Ultron's more efficient methods. She's a powerhouse team-beater with a sadistic streak. You could play with a "AI rights" angle with her as well.

Baroness Blood

I don't really know as much about her. I'm just thinking that you can't go wrong with a nazi vampire.

Lynn Church

She's a powerful cyborg. She's manipulative, and she has pull as a head of the Secret Empire. She's smart enough to play several sides against each other to get what she wants. Her "death" was ambiguous enough to be easily undone.

Death Locket

Watching her transform into a genuine villain over the "Avengers Arena" and the "Avengers Underground" limited serieses was a lot of fun. She's got enough power to be a threat on her own, and has built what she considers friendships in the junior league Masters of Evil. She's seriously unstable, and considers herself justified in her actions.


I like her because of her unique motivations, tied to her powers. Genecide can see people's genetic codes. As such, she's made it her mission to keep the human race healthy by eliminating those with genetic inferiorities. She can also manipulate her own genetics to change her appearance, and heal wounds almost instantly.

Head Hunter

I don't know that she has powers, but she's smart, pragmatic, and connected in the underworld. Head Hunter could give heroes serious trouble running criminal organization(s).

Jade Claw

Jimmy Woo's girlfriend, and Yellow Claw's (Golden Claw if you read the AMAZING original Agents of Atlas limited series) granddaughter. Jade Claw now ruthlessly runs the Asian, MASSIVE criminal organization Great Wall. She's seriously cutthroat, is a business threat, and a battlefield commander.


I'm aware of her transformation into Nighthawk in the Occupy Avengers series, but she's SO MUCH FUN as Nightshade. She could probably wear more clothes, in order to be taken a little more seriously. She's a criminal genius who enjoys mixing it up with the heroes. She's also capable of running a gang of low level super villains.

If you're in love with Nightshade as Nighthawk, then substitute in The Albino as a female supervillain genius. She has the potential to be an engaging character, she just hasn't had much time on panel to be developed.

Celia Ricadonna

Another successful criminal organizer. Celia is all about revenge, and she has superpowers thanks to (I think) a skrull organ transplant. Celia has had success organizing and working with low level super villains.

Warrior Woman

Another nazi super-woman. She's evil, she's dedicated to her cause, and she's tough.

I'd love for any of these characters to be built up over time as a serious threat in the Marvel universe, and I think they all have what it takes to be credible threats.

What do you think of my list? Who is on your list of female characters who are credible threats to the heroes of the 616?

Evil Wonder Woman resurrected by the Gods of Death.

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