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Posted: Tue Dec 22, 2020 at 03:26:43 am CST (Viewed 140 times)
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    Insomnia - She was brand new to me. I like her. The power set is straightforward, and makes sense. She'd be all the more interesting if they really leaned in to the adrenaline pumping aspect, and we saw a constant nervous energy at work.

Yes, I think that she needs a new moniker instead of Insomnia but I can see her fighting Daredevil, Moon Knight, Nighthawk, Captain America or Misty Knight.
After all, she could become the Marvel equivalent to Mister X.

    Iron Maiden - I don't know her. I'll take your word on her potential.

Even though she is an obscure character, she is the opposite number of Black Widow. \:\-\)


    Enchantress - Maybe, if her motivation were widened beyond pursing Thor or making Thor jealous

Actually, it has been a very long time since she cared about that.
She even managed to marry King Thor once.

    Does she do things other than that? The little bit that I've read of her leads me to believe she mostly acts out like a child who wants attention, or is pouting because they can't have what they want. Is that fair to say? If so, could she be a credible recurring threat that people wouldn't get sick of reading about?

In my opinion, she should be one of the top tier villains of the Marvel Universe, the Marvel equivalent to Poison Ivy & Circe.


    Vera Gemini - I don't know this one. Demons? Sure. Why not?

Same background than Hellstrom & Satana and her name comes from a song of the Blue Oyster Cult.
She was a foe of the Defenders, the nemesis of Devil-Slayer and she even managed to steal the Eye of Agamotto from Dr. Strange.