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Subj: Re: Better than the original?
Posted: Tue Jan 05, 2021 at 02:59:47 pm EST (Viewed 172 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Better than the original?
Posted: Sun Jan 03, 2021 at 08:55:59 pm EST (Viewed 197 times)

    I am not familiar enough with Laura Kinney, so it is possible. I like Ben Reilly, buy not more than Pete.


    As for the better replacements...

    I think Bruce Banner is better than the original Hulk..,Xemnu. I know that is probably controversial.

    While I think the stories were better for Mar-Vell, I like Genis more as a character. Though, I do still really like Marv.

Were it up to me, both of the Vell kids would be gone, retroactively.

    Harry Osborn, in my book, is a better Green Goblin than Norman.

Him being a Goblin is what ruined him as a character, imo.

    More of a Beta Ray Bill fan that Thor (no opinion of Jane Foster, good or bad).

As much as I like Bill, I think he's almost devoid of personality. When written well, Thor is great.

Thinking too much about Jane gets me really mad. Even now as Valkyrie.

    Scott Lang is probably better than Hank Pym.

I used to say this, but those last few Ant-Man series really used him horribly, imo. And imo, Pym became better than Ant-Man.

    The son out shined the original Zemo.

Well, yeah. That's pretty much his point.

    Spider-Gwen is actually interesting, unlike the original from 616.

Don't agree. Well, unless you include that Sins Past crap. Original Gwen was completely awesomeness. It still floors me that they turned her into a musician.

    This might be a cheat, but I think the government sponsored X-Factor was better than the still excellent Louise Simonson created one, and the Madrox led Detective years were better than that.

Well, agreed with that latter part. Government X-Factor may have been written well, but that doesn't mean the team was better. And I think Havok and Polaris were better not superheroing.

    If you will indulge me with some DC ones...

    Kyle Rayner, Alan Scott, and and John Stewart are all better than the most popular... Hal Jordan.

    Wally West and Jay Garrick are both better than Barry Allen.

I still don't understand what people see in the original Alan Scott. I find him laughable, and Jade was better. Pretty much across the board, DC's Silver Age recreations were better, imo. Except for the cartoons, John has been an absolute nothing as a character, misused more than used well (almost to the point of it being offensive). Guy is probably second best GL. Replacing Hal is what drove me away from DC until his return.

The 90s... generally, can't stand much about it from either company... and Image.

City of Heroes is BACK!
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