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Subj: Re: Better than the original?
Posted: Sun Jan 10, 2021 at 12:30:56 pm EST (Viewed 147 times)
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Hobgoblin was better than the Green Goblin. Hobgoblin took the goblin concept and separated it from the toxicity of the Osborn family. It was a great concept that fell apart due to well-documented editorial politics. If he had been revealed to be Richard Fisk instead of Kingsley, Hobgoblin would probably be a major presence and Norman may not have been revived.

Otto was better than Peter as Spider-man. FAR more effective. His brief time as Spidey made Peter seem like a complete failure who squandered his intelligence and potential. It made Peter's immaturity look like a tragic flaw, which was probably a meta dig at Peter's constant de-aging by editorial.

I also agree with the comments below that Zemo the son is better than his father.

The lack of Osborn is why I never really cared about Hobgoblin.

Aaaand Otto was better at being evil is what you're saying. Gotcha. He was definitely not a better Spider-Man. What floored me was that it took people so long to recognize his evil nature when it was so blatant.

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