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I can count on one hand the number of Elektra solo stories I've read on one hand, and still be able flash a peace sign.

I don't remember one, one was more about the twist ending (the Frank Miller story from Bizarre Adventures), and the final one is Elektra: Assassin, which was a very interesting in idea and execution, but hardly a great character study.

So, I am not exactly inclined to disagree with you on how interesting the character is, or in this case isn't. Even in her debut story, it was the mystery and what she did to Matt that was interesting.

That having been said, I stand by the fact that at least it would be something new, at least to me. From The Punisher giving another "we aren't so different" speech, to to an attempt to destroy Hell's Kitchen, to Matt having another crisis of faith, to Mary's peaceful life being taken away again, to Elektra claiming to know the real Matt, to Matt going to prison... again, Zdarsky's run has been like a best of album performed by a cover band.

With the exception of when he had really interesting ideas that had its potential pissed away:

-Matt having D Inner at a crime boss, which could have been a Hitchcock like thriller, but was just an exposition dump.
-The fill-in Daredevils, which had barely any info given except that they exist, then no mention for many issues until they failed to save the neighborhood.
-Kingpin having to deal with power brokers who he can't beat or lean on due to their connections, only to have him lose all his dignity as they taunt him with fat jokes.

My prediction is that this new series will fall entirely on Mike Murdock, and how he is portrayed. It is the story Zdarsky did best, and it has a lot of great character potential.

But at least an Elektra story would be new to me.

I'm just skeptical about an Elektra story, because for me every one we've had so far has pretty much been the same, and I can't even feign interest. I don't want ninjas. I don't want espionage. I want justice on the streets of Hell's Kitchen. That is all.

But honestly, new is overrated. One of my frequent problems with Matt is they try to bring new things to him (your list is mostly examples of that). Filling a niche is superior, and what I'm looking for is Elektra trying to fill Matt's niche and probably failing.

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