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Subj: Re: How many "normal" civilians are there on Earth?
Posted: Thu Feb 18, 2021 at 04:55:54 pm EST (Viewed 87 times)
Reply Subj: How many "normal" civilians are there on Earth?
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So, I was thinking about the seemingly numberless hordes of cannon fodder in groups like Hydra or AIM, and I looked up other similar terrorist groups. Considering the number of members these groups all have in every appearance, what do you think is the percentage of world population who has belonged to at least one terrorist organization at some point in their life?

Agence Byzantine
Agents of Anarchy
Atlas Foundation
Axis Mundi
Black Spectre
Clan Akkaba
Cult of Entropy
Dark Ocean Society
Friends of Humanity
Goblin Nation
Humanity's Last Stand
Imperial Forces
Life Foundation
Lords of the Living Lightning
Militia Men
Project: Earth
Secret Empire
Sons of the Serpent

And these were the ones off the list ( that I had heard of before.

So, seriously, in order for ALL of these groups (and twice as many others) to have such limitless members, at least a third of the men on Earth (it's usually almost all male, right? At least the cannon fodder...) population must have belonged to a terrorist group at some point, right?

I mean it is similar to movies and the like. There is as much fodder as is needed, does not have to be something one thinks about too much really.

In reality you do not have infinite brute force or anything and the point is that the groups in the comics do not either but are good at recruiting I guess or something.

I never thought about it too much. It is already a world of crazy powers.

Most of the organizations, for all their focus are a very small percentage of the population anyway.

Look Raist bunnies...