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Hi All,

I just read through Marvel Fanfare #32, with Captain America (And Frog-Man) vs. the Yellow Claw. I had a couple of thoughts I wanted to share about it.

First, Claw's scheme is actually pretty clever. I don't remember seeing it in other comics, but it probably deserves to be tried again. Claw impersonated this old mystic, Bhagwani Sri Ananda, and makes predictions about the future. Claw's organization (which we now know as the Atlas Foundation) would ensure the prediction came true. Claw, as Sri Ananda then grows in influence, makes more predictions, etc... Has another villain tried something like this?

Secondly, Sri Ananda did show up, using some vague mystic powers to help Captain America. knowing that Yellow Claw set himself up as a villain to force Jimmy to grow as a hero. It would be entirely possible that Sri Ananda was an ally of Atlas, who helped "defeat" Claw because the scheme ended up having nothing to do with Jimmy Woo, so didn't matter for their ends. The next time Jimmy Woo needs advice in Atlas, I'd love it if Sri Ananda popped up instead of a brand new character.

JM DeMatteis was the first writer who I knew that I identified as a writer that I liked, way back in '84 when I first started reading comics. Do you remember Cap #290? that issue scared the daylights out of me! He is just so good. He can do anything. Comedy, horror, action, spiritualism, He runs the gamut.