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Subj: Re: Funnily enough,... not Scarlet Witch
Posted: Thu Mar 11, 2021 at 12:34:42 pm EST (Viewed 153 times)
Reply Subj: Funnily enough,... not Scarlet Witch
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      Obviously, MJ and Medusa are top 5 picks.

    Jean Grey, Black Widow (not all the time), Crystal, Pepper, Firestar, Siryn.

    Do Mystique & Satana count?

I don't see why they should be excluded.

What strikes me is that there seem to be so many more female redheads than males in the Marvel Universe. I think most of us could easily come up with at least a dozen female redheads within a few minutes (adding to the ten mentioned above I could name Bethany Cabe, Hellcat, Lorelei (the Enchantress's sister), Madelyne Pryor, Shamrock, Spiderling (Anna May Parker), Squirrel Girl (her hair is officially described as "brown", but looks distinctly orange to me), Rachel Summers, Tigra ("orange" hair), and Wolfsbane), plus the ones zeus mentioned. But males? Maybe the people at Marvel like to think red hair is a particularly Celtic trait, because a lot of the male redheads there are are Irish or Irish-American - e.g. Daredevil, Dum Dum Dugan and Banshee (strawberry blond), and probably also Cletus Kasady (thanks, Zeus). I had to reflect a while to come up with a couple of exceptions to that cliché - Juggernaut and Volstagg.

Whether a person counts as a redhead does seem to depend on context. For instance, Wolverine called Rogue - whose hair colour is labeled "auburn" by the OHOTMU - "Red" on a few occasions (e. g. in UXM #158 and 214), but that was when neither Jean Grey nor Rachel Summers (who have hair of a much "redder" colour, what one could call "poppy red") were on the active team. The Scarlet Witch also has auburn (reddish-brown) hair, but I can't remember her being called "Red" or being referred to as a redhead. Happy Hogan also is sometimes depicted with reddish-brown hair, but since he usually appears in the near vicinity of the much redder Pepper Potts, there's little chance of him being called a redhead. And since Medusa has redder hair than her sister Crystal, I think that many people think of her as a strawberry blonde rather than an outright redhead. The Osborns also have auburn hair, but are usually not described as redheads, possibly due to the constant proximity of Mary Jane. Of course, if one called them redheads, someone might feel dutybound to spell their name O'Sborn. ;\-\)