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Subj: Re: Look at it this way.
Posted: Mon Apr 05, 2021 at 11:50:17 am EDT (Viewed 138 times)
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I didn't take that away from that interview, and Giffen has talked about this elsewhere, he has always been clear on the fact he absolutely did not want to do that reboot in issue #4 onwards. He was ordered/forced to do it.

Yeah, I'm with you all the way. Giffen was forced to do it. No question.

But *why* was he forced to do it?

Carlin took over the Superman titles in early '87, and for two years - two years - there's no problem with the pocket universe Superboy/Superman being part of Legion continuity. Then Giffen takes over and within four issues editorial is taking their toys away from him. So what was so different between Levitz' approach to the characters and Giffen's that they'd take such a drastic step?

What I'm saying is: If Giffen hadn't been there, if a different writer had taken over the series, a less contentious writer, a writer with more respect for the characters, I don't think the reboot would have happened.