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Subj: Re: KiB - Ghost Rider #1: Did anything possess YOU?
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King In Black: Ghost Rider 001

Johnny Blaze (wikia confirms as Possessed by Zarathos) has Marvel put the KiB-osh ;\) on his Hell Reign and is reset as OG GR - move over Reyes. [Penance Stare must be passé, NOW with Damnation Stare!]

Danny Ketch is back - he's back?!- (wikia confirms as Possessed by the Spirit of Corruption) makes his revamped debut, along with some mythic(?) steed, as Death Rider. [WTH is "Spirit of Corruption"??!! Is this another pseudo-GLC thing within a pseudo-GLC thing that is the retconned line of GR Legacies?]

Mephisto reset to original King of Hell status quo. [Hmm... so much for his sentencing for eternity]

Blackheart free and fiendish like old times.

Caretaker Sara gets "hack and slash" facetime action in an MU Event battle - better than being in Comics Limbo.

Knull only behind the scenes thru his generic multitude of Symbiote Dragon Fodder.

Significant but not scintilating one-shot. Did anything possess YOU to read this one?

Digital Preview:

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In the recent GR series that only ran a few issues before being cancelled, Blaze was rampaging on Earth as GR/King of Hell.

Dan Ketch/GR tried to stop him, Blaze decreed he was sick of Dan always whining about being a Rider and stripped him of his spirit of vengeance. Where it went is not known.

Caretaker takes Dan with her for him to obtain new power to fight Blaze. They go to Belasco's realm where he defeats the previous host of the spirit of corruption and absorbs it.