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Subj: Re: The Union #4: Recommended read, right?
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Reply Subj: The Union #4: Recommended read, right?
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The Union 004 (of 5)
> Caught in the cries of the Choir! With their sonic-powered teammate in trouble, Union Jack and the team must rescue the Choir before it’s too late! But what the Union finds out about the Choir may be too much even for them! Plus, meet the team’s newest recruit…Bulldog!

Just carryover my props from issues 2 & 3 for this issue 4! Recommended reading for this superteam adventure once again. Speaking of carryover, the parallels to Byrne's OG Alpha Flight series continues - C'mon!- that last page emergence of a supergenerically named, insanely megalomaniac, earliest arch-enemy: The Emperor totally vibed with The Master's presence. All the diverse cast of players and the jolly good art was just as entertaining as Byrne's OG Alpha Flight series (absolutely) had been.

Who got the best moments in YOUR opinion?


    Britannia (Tanya) (Only in flashback)
    Union Jack (Joe Chapman)

    Selwyn James MP

    Last Beefeater (First appearance)

    Skreem (Ruth) (First full appearance as Skreem)

    Doc Croc (Croker Dyle)
    The Sponge
    Volcanna (Anna) (First appearance)
    Lady Shimmering Lights (First appearance)
    Craig the Cyborg-Corgi (First appearance)

    The Emperor (Steve Darwin}

I miss Dad & Dan.

Some of this works for me, some doesn't. I'll admit, last issue I really thought it was 'Snakes' that was murdered in the car. Thought that weird guy was his core and the snakes were a part of HIM... that the shapeshifter escaped in the chaos. Only after seeing him again this issue and going back did I realize they showed Snakes in the afterscene.

I like the story enough and want to see how this finishes. Yeah, Bulldog reminds me of Puck (maybe not as competent) and the pacing itself is very original Alpha-Flightish, but they aren't giving me enough to really get into the individual characters. Poor Brittania... I keep thinking she'll return, seemed like some of the intial dialog with her indicated she was somehow going through multiple lives.. and that flashback with Sponge looked like another bad incident for her.

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