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I wonder if those characters had action figures back in the day?

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Subj: Re: I want Timely and Western (Marvel/Invaders) Action figures!
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Reply Subj: I want Timely and Western (Marvel/Invaders) Action figures!
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I recently saw a Darkstar action figure in the latest Marvel Build-a-figure toyline. A Marvel superhero from Russia, ...not very well known, not a lot of books and stories on those characters, a build-a-figure of Ursa Majors, a giant Bear characters.

I was hoping for the Man-Ape figure from the Agents of Atlas and Marvel's Atlas books. Or even Quasar figure.

Every time I see a Firestar toy figure, I just want to put a cape on her and paint her hair yellow, and you got SPITFIRE from the Invaders comics, go along with Union Jack.

How about those Invaders, Timely and Western characters. Rawhide kid, Two gun kid, etc.

Spitfire, Patriot (Jeff Mace, Timely comics), Baron Blood, U-man, Toro, Master man and Warrior woman. From the Invaders comics.

Or maybe a Sgt. Fury figure.

I'm hoping to get these characters noticed, and maybe us Marvel fans can be treated with Action figures of these Yesteryear characters.

Interesting idea. I SEEM to remember some of them had some merchandising and the like. Nick Fury, maybe some of the Invaders as well. I am not sure how many of the modern fans(outside core comic book fans) would appreciate them but give them a animated series and/or DVD along with some new stories in a mini-series and you never know. Given how successful some of the live action t.v. series and streaming and movies are with some surprising character choices I think there might be room for such a push. It would be a great place to introduce Namor and set up a classic Defenders team for Doctor Strange 3. Last part is wishful thinking.
On a marginal related thought Marvel and D.C. are missing out on some really obvious box office draw by not using characters like Thor in The Eternals or Superman in New Gods. I suspect The New Gods movie would not have been cancelled if Kal had a featured role.