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Marvel is clearly anti-American at this point. They hire people that want to get their political agenda published, not entertain the few readers they have left. I’ve been reading Marvel for close to 25 years and I can honestly say that I’m done with them. I won’t support their clear support for radicalism and crapping on this country. It’s not perfect, but a lot of men and women have died to keep us free and I won’t support a company that hates the freedoms we have.

Well, I certainly agree Marvel's writing has not been top notch, and I have dropped many books myself.

But... they have had issues with America for like 50 years.

The X-Men's most recurring story point hinges on the idea that the U.S. will eventually build death camps for them. They have even started down that road several times. Operation: Zero Tolerance, the 1980s passing of the Mutant Registration Act.

Captain America is the best example. How many times has the U.S. government gone up against the symbol of the American Dream? I'll tell you once a decade. That is not even the only types of stories like that

In the early 70s Nixon was shown to be a LITERAL supervillain. Before that the same writer, Steven Englehart, introduced 50s Cap, whose who'll thing was being crazy, racist, and jingoistic.

Same Cap showed up again as a literal Neo-Nazi. Then again in Brubaker's run, where he endorsed a third part candidate pushed on by a feeling of what America should be and theory of what it was. And I remember the TEA Party being angry about that.

Inn the first story of the Marvel Knights Captain America run, the terrorist that attacked a small town was shown to have taken up the life because of the U.S. military destroying his home.

In the 80s, the U.S. military literally gave the title and shield to another person, who was not mentally stable.

It is all over the books though.

In the most beloved Daredevil story of all time, a mentally ill Vet who performed secret (and illegal) military operations on behalf of Reagan, was talked into blowing up an NYC neighborhood based on Wilson Fisk's faux-patriotism talk. Let's not even get into Elektra: Assassin.

For the most of rest of the decade, Daredevil was written by Ann Nocenti, who was one of the most politically fueled writers Marvel ever had. She even got hate mail for her first story being too liberal.

Remember in the 2000s when Nick Fury, the ultimate good soldier, was shown to be kind of crazy in the name of national security in Secret War?

Stan Lee started the whole damn thing. The Hulk's greatest villain is the U.S. military, who has known since 1966 Bruce Banner their former co-worker, and still try to capture or kill him. Thunderbolt Ross is the jingoistic nightmare of every hippie ever.

He even wrote a Captain America comic (Hey, that guy is back), where for the first five pages Cap thought about how he should have "battled less and questioned more."

Speaking of hippies... the 70s was FAR more radical. Steve Gerber, especially in Man-Thing and Howard the Duck but also Marvel Two-in-One, Daredevil, and Captain America, constantly showed how many issues he had with American government and culture.

Expand it out beyond just America and Jim Starlin is the BEST example. His Warlock is just one big shot at the Catholic church.

I agree the writing has suffered. It meanders. It is lazy. It often lacks both style and substance. They don't know how to mix there ideas with story well. and Boring. Good God are so many of them boring, with boring characters, and boring plots.

But radical? Anti-American? pushing agenda? Not even close to being new or as aggressive as in the past. This is more like a calculated marketing campaign to get twitter folk to buy the books, that is doomed to fail.

Also... Of what right is Marvel advocating the loss? Like I said, I am not reading many books, but it certainly has not been in any fo teh books I read.

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