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Subj: Re: Okay, Bye. Don't come back.
Posted: Tue Jul 13, 2021 at 03:17:35 am EDT (Viewed 90 times)
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      From my response:
      "However, I'm not unhinged over it. I'm not going around saying stupid and ridiculous things like MARVEL HATES OUR FREEDOM, because that's ridiculous. I'd sound deranged and hysterical."
      Was that the part you found insulting?

    Considering you called him unhinged, stupid, ridiculous, deranged and hysterical, this was part of it, yes.

    However, has Billy done himself any favors in his reply to you? Absolutely not.

I think you're not being as even-handed as you like to think you are. Essentially you are saying that if someone makes extreme and hateful comments about a group you're not allowed to call him (or her) out on it because qualifying these comments as ridiculous, hysterical etc. constitutes an ad personam attack on this person in your eyes. How does attacking a group NOT mean attacking its individual members? I don't see how one shouldn't be allowed to call someone a racist if s/he voices racism but doesn't point the finger at specific individuals. That, IMHO, would just be silly, because many racists prefer not to think of the objects of their hate as individuals but as part of an anonymous mass. Or would it be okay for me to say something like "people who name themselves after pagan deities are anti-American, anti-Christian and hate our freedoms" because I didn't specifically mention Greek deities, let alone the head of their Pantheon? ;\-\)

I'll also note that Billy and his defenders seem to think it sufficient to label Quantum a liberal to dismiss his arguments out of hand. And maybe you are giving Billy too much credit anyway - maybe he didn't name individuals on this board or at Marvel simply because he didn't care about the names of the individual members of what he sees as a giant liberal and radical conspiracy against America when he made de his original post...