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Subj: I liked it...
Posted: Tue Jul 13, 2021 at 04:48:55 pm EDT (Viewed 84 times)
Reply Subj: Black Widow film: summer popcorn action movie, not boring but blatantly incoherent plot & one-dimensional villain [no spoilers]
Posted: Mon Jul 12, 2021 at 01:15:24 pm EDT (Viewed 115 times)

The plot made sense to me. The action was good and I think the set up characters pretty well in it. I actually thought in many ways it was the best female empowerment sort of movie that Marvel hade made. You certainly liked the female leads more than say Captain Marvel. At least I did.

I do think bringing Natasha's sister in helped a fair bit. She is pretty funny and likable and I do not think Natasha alone would have been able to hold this movie. So, bringing the sister in was a good move and the rest of the family helped too. She was for sure the main character in the movie, but I just felt like the character as a while does better in ensemble movies and this was a bit more of the same on that front.

Not a knock on Johanson at all, she was good in this and in other things, I just see it as a limitation of the BW character.

    I watched the movie last week (it was released early in my country).

    I was not bored but the story doesn't make sense whatsoever.

Disagree, the story made perfect sense for what it was. Natasha had a family that was fictional and she finds out that the Red room that steals girls still is up and running and finds her fake family to find info and they help her take it down. Along the way we learn about the characters and that they like each other. Particularly her sister.

All leading to a conflict at the end. Seemed to make sense to me. It was fairly linear IMO.

    The main villain is very caricatural.

Yes, but not sure how you make a complex villain who turns little girls into killers and give him good motivation for it. Sounds pretty evil to me.

I also think that sometimes it is good to have the bad guy be clearly bad or evil. It is sometimes worse if you try and make a villain to complex and they make no sense. It has worked for Loki and a few others that are less flushed out but having a bad guy that is just seeking greater power and glory is just fine. I do not need to know that he was screwed up as a kid or whatever to get to that point all of the time.

    Florence Pugh's character is the only one who really has the opportunity to shine. She steals the show.

I would agree with that. Although I thought Johanson was fine. Harbour I was a little disappointed in. I liked the character ok, but he was just sort of there with a funny line here or there.

    Scarlett Johansson & Rachel Weisz do what they can.

    David Harbour plays an over the top comic relief character based on most of the stereotypes that are often associated with Russian bruisers.

Yeah, and sort of general comic book characters.

    Heavy-handed, quite entertaining film but nothing more.

I mean it was not one of the best Marvel films to date but hardly one of the worst either. I liked it more than a number of others.

    It could have been way better. It could have been far worse.

I am not sure how it could have been much better.

    I have the feeling that Kevin Feige is testing the water in anticipation of the FF movie. The interaction between the four main protagonists reminds me of the "first family".

Maybe, but I just think they needed people to have Natasha play off of as she works best in that situation. She is not the biggest joker or tradionaly charismatic character. If it was just her than it would be pretty brooding.

    I would also like to comment the post-credits scene but I don't want to spoil it right now.

Meh, not really that interested in it either.

I mean in comparison to a similar thing I like it much more than Falcon and Black Widow which I did not care for much. Although I tend to not care much for the espionage sort of films alot of the time. I liked the Captain America movies alright, maybe not as much as others, but once he is gone I think they get a bit heavy handed for my taste.

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