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Subj: Re: CBR confirms that Marvel no longer has the Dire Wraiths trademarks
Posted: Fri Sep 17, 2021 at 04:35:18 am EDT (Viewed 56 times)
Reply Subj: Re: CBR confirms that Marvel no longer has the Dire Wraiths trademarks
Posted: Mon Sep 13, 2021 at 07:14:01 pm EDT (Viewed 67 times)

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    IDW has done pretty well with the Hasbro toys.

    Honestly I was surprised when they blew the dust and cobwebs off of ROM and remade him for their universe.

I'm sure the fondness for the Marvel series proved to Hasbro that there was enough story and a fanbase to make something out of it. They need IPs since they are trying to launch their movie universe. They already have Transformers and G.I. Joe and they did Battleship for better or worse. They mentioned a Clue reboot and they have been talking about a Monopoly movie forever. Think there's also a new D&D movie and Magic: The Gathering in the pipeline.

    The ROM toy was overall a bust, but the Marvel series seems to be fondly remembered. Yet Marvel let the trademark lapse, and then when they tried to have ROM make some cameos they got reminded of that and rather then pay the fee they have just worked around it.

When the license lapsed either Hasbro didn't want to lease it to them again or Marvel didn't want to pay. Or another point is that Marvel doesn't want to spend time and money promoting characters that they won't own the toy and video game rights to.

    Now I am not familiar with the current trademark prices, but it can't be that expensive for Marvel especially now with the MCU and all the money it brought in. Of course there is the concept of would it be money well spent. Marvel cannot reprint issues of other comics that ROM guest starred in, Avengers, X-men, Power man-IRonFist, Incredible Hulk. Any reprint collections either omit those issues or else edit ROM out which basically wipes out most of the issue.

It would be nice if they could work out a deal where Marvel can reprint those crossover issues whenever they want and one of them can reprint the ROM series and both can make money on it.

    Perhaps IDW should see about buying the rights to the Marvel ROM story line and use it to make their movie for ROM? Perhaps a collaboration deal so that Marvel gets some of the money.

That might work too.

    As to the IDW ROM Comic, well it was a new take on the character. He wasn't pining to be human again and seemed to have long since accepted that he was stuck as a spaceknight. His appearance and powers and weapons were updated for the new era and new abilities were given to him. Also he was somewhat ruthless at first and it was revealed that ROM and his fellow spaceknights would resort to blowing up any world they couldn't cleanse of the Wraiths. ROM being on Earth started to mellow him a bit and restore some feeling.

    However the art at times was a bit shaky, and the series only went about 14 issues before cancellation and his story was finished in crossovers with the Micronauts then appeared in the final Transformers issues before that series ended/rebooted.

When did Rom cross over with Transformers? I have the whole G1 and G2 series and I don't remember that.

    They did a 3 issue Wraiths mini series just recently.

    But it seems overall that the return of ROM to comics was just a brief nostalgic flash in the pan.

So Hasbro owns ROM and they own Dire Wraiths. Do they own the name "Spaceknight" or is that Marvel's?

The ROM/Transformers/Micronauts crossovers were all IDW, not Marvel.

The term spaceknight has been used in anime, Marvel recently did a story in Cable that is restoring Galador and the spaceknights, and IDW still calls ROM a Spaceknight of the Solstar Order

I'm guessing its a term in public domain.

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