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Subj: Re: The West Coast?
Posted: Fri Oct 15, 2021 at 12:51:12 pm EDT (Viewed 68 times)
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    How about ANY other part of the country, for more than a little while.

    There is a whole lot of country, and quite frankly, people have been moving out of New York recently. It is not going to be a Ghost time anytime soon... but you could use it to propel new eras, new stories, new status quo, all with new villains.

    I know it was fun having them all bump into each other for a while, but it has gotten ridiculous now.

    How have no villains noticed they only have to destroy ONE metropolitan area, and the vast majority of the super hero challenge is gone?


    Move Thor to Minnesota, with all the Scandinavian Americans there, it could create some interesting stories. Mix in some folk lore.

Don't know about that. Might make more sense for him to move to a Scandinavian country IMO, but then I'm not American and don't think one should limit oneself to parts of the U.S.

    Peter Parker has always broke, why has he and MJ not picked a cheaper city?

Well, they did plan to move to Portland, OR, at the end of the (second) Clone Saga. But as a dyed-in-the-wool New Yorker (in-story he even speaks with a noticeable Queens accent) he would rather die than move to New Jersey. \:\-D (What a lot of people forget: Mary Jane was raised in Pennsylvania and, according to the OHOTMU, was born in Pittsburgh; it's just her aunt who lived in Forest Hills).

    Iron Man was moved to Silicon Valley in the 80s, makes sense for him to be there. He would be worshiped there, and Stark would LOVE that.

    Avengers in Chicago?

Well, Thor lived there for a time (which was referenced in "Adventures in Babysitting").

    Daredevil in ANY less gentrified city?

He and the Black Widow lived in San Francisco when the book was called "Daredevil and the Black Widow".

    Captain America in Washington D.C.? Philadelphia?

    Carol Danvers in Texas? You know...near Houston. And Space flight.

I really wish writers made more play of her background as a New Englander (Bostonian, to be precise).

    Ghost Rider in New Orleans? That seems natural.

Why? Because he's a supernatural hero and everything supernatural must be in the Big Easy? (Thank you, Anne Rice).

    Wolverine leaving the X-Men and hanging out in New Mexico, Arizona, and the like seem cool.

Wouldn't that be a lot like "Outback era version 2.0"? (Also, with the Hulk's known propensity for the Southwest, wouldn't they keep running into him all the time?) Incidentally, the X-Men have lived in or near San Francisco more than once, and seemed to enjoy life there better than that in New York.

    U.S. Agent in Portland? That would be a hilarious book

    Moon Knight in Miami?

    This could be a simple way to have long established characters get new stories pretty easily. Different parts of the country have different flavors.


    Let the kids have New York. The other heroes can carve out new adventures in other cities, and not have everyone either asking why the Avengers don't show up...or reading an Avengers story in Spider-Man.

    I like New York. I lived there for a little while. A lot of great people. But, can we start doing stuff in other cities and states too?

Even the kids, Laura (Wolverine/X-23) and Gabi (Honey Badger), had an apartment on Roosevelt Island not long ago. Not sure if they still have that apartment to crash. Average rent on Roosevelt -- only about $3400 a month. Pocket change. /s

There are cheaper places to live on Manahattan, like Lennox, Inwood, Harlem, Wash. & Hamilton Heights, and a few others. Average rent in those places is like $1000 or more under Roosevelt.

I think if Peter moved to a more affordable area, it would ruin his character. Plus, him swinging through all of those skyscrapers is a must.

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