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The only rule is that the writers have to be alive and actually be comic book writers.

Who would you like to write -
1. Spider-Man
2. Iron Man
3. X-Men
4. Fantastic Four
5. Dr. Strange
6. Captain America
7. Thor
8. Avengers
9. Daredevil
10. Conan
11. Wolverine
12. Deadpool
13. Punisher

Spider-Man - Dematteis. I know he has written the character a lot, but the book needs strong character writing. He is also a huge proponent of the marriage. The book needs an era of just strong character writing, that is willing to grow the character and do some introspective work. That is Dematteis. Though, ideally he would be phased to editor That is what they need. Brubaker said he wanted to write the character before, but Slott would not get off, I would like to see what his plans were.

Iron Man - Straczynsky, Peter David, or maybe Corinna Bechko and Gabriel Hardman. I want someone who can bring some legit sci-fi cred to the book.

X-Men - Peter David. he last X-Book I really liked was hi return to X-Factor. He was able to really get to the groundwork of what the x-books are supposed to be, while still making it seem fresh.
I would also like to have a brief run with Marv Wolfman, and the same with Claremont on the Titans. Just a maxi-series with the classic teams. I think the ol' switcheroo would be interesting. Also Wolfman's git for character work in large settings would just be good for the team. The X-books have become too much plot and not a much character work in recent years. Exactly why Wolfman or PAD would work so well to right the ship.

Fantastic Four - Dematteis. His introspective writing mixed with the large imagination found in his Silver Surfer, Moonshadow, Dr. Fate, Spectre, and a few other projects would be a perfect fit. The mix of the human and unbelievable that made the book such a hit int eh first place.

Dr. Strange - Jim Starlin or John OStrander. Dr. Strange has become too much either a John Constantine lite, or Tony Stark of the magic set. Neither one is right. You need people who are willing to explore teh questions of this world.

Captain America - Geoff Johns. there was a time when the two best books on the stands were Brubaker's Captain America and Geoff Johns JSA, I would like to see a switch. He showed a real talent for maintaining a purely heroic and yet very human in the face of a world of grey.
Kurt Busiek for the same reason. His work on Astro City made me pretty curious what he would do.

Thor - Neil Gaiman. He is familiar with Norse mythology. He is a big Kirby fan. He would bring in some new ways to look at this mix of fantasy and sci-fi, that was originally crammed into a healer with a lame leg.

Daredevil - Paul Dini. His run on Detective comics showed a great talent for that world, and the stories based more on the villains showed a skill for navigating more troubled minds. Not to mention, Daredevil like many characters, needs to get back to not massively plotted epic story-lines. Dini is really good at packing a lot of character and story into one ore two issues. This way you can really build up who Matt is before the big story-lines come. Every new writer has a new direction. You need someone who can set up an interesting status quo that explores relationships and the world Daredevil inhabits.

Conan - Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden. Their Baltimore work takes place in a different world, and stars a character with a different life, but I think their is enough overlap in them, and the toe, to make me think it would work.

Wolverine - I think the only person that could make me care again is Brubaker. Cut him free from the X-Men for a little while, and let Brubaker delve into the world of Patch and old spy relationships. It is perfect for him.

Deadpool - Keith Giffen, his writing fits, and even if he hates the character... no idea his thoughts, just to be clear... he makes it entertaining.

Punisher - Dan Slott. This might finally be what can bury both of their reigns as the book and character that can't end.
Maybe turn it into a comedy or sitcom, with Ben Edlund.
However, if one actually likes the Punisher I would suggest someone who can finally put a proper period on the end of his sentence. Maybe... Doug Murray of The 'Nam.

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