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Subj: Re: How about Major Marvel
Posted: Mon Dec 27, 2021 at 05:48:30 am EST (Viewed 43 times)
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      The problem with that idea is that unlike "Captain", the word "Major" indicates a specific rank in a military-style hierarchy. "Captain" OTOH is not only ambiguous as a rank (a navy captain is the equivalent of an army colonel), it is also used formally or informally for people with a much smaller authority, e. g. the captain of a yacht or the captain of a football team. Call a superhero Major Something, and there's bound to be questions who appointed them, or whether they hold the rank of major in their non-costumed role.

    One way "Major" avoids the pitfall of genuine military ranking is when it's paired with a noun in such a way as to imply one of its other meanings. For example, DC has a character named, "Major Disaster."

I'd say it does not entirely avoid that pitfall. People will still think of the military rank (I know I did with Major Disaster). A lot depends on context. For instance, in the fourth season of Blackadder, five of the six episodes had titles consisting of a military rank and another word: Captain Cook(1), Corporal Punishment(2), Major Star(3), Private Plane, and General Hospital. Normally I never think of the military rank when I read the words "General Hospital", but here I had to.

(1) As in Captain James Cook (1728-1779). (The episode focused on food in the British army on the Western Front in World War 1).
(2) Also the name of one of Krusty the Clown's supporting players on The Simpsons.
(3) Could be a real-life name, although in English the spelling "Starr" is more common, AFAIK.


      Monica Rambeau was a lieutenant in the New Orleans Harbor Patrol, so some might feel that she would be presumptuous to assume the rank of major (others might consider her nautical background reason to call her Commodore Marvel or Admiral Marvel ;\-\) )

    Monica's rank as a lieutenant could be paired with her surname: "Lieutenant Rambeau." Unfortunately, the WandaVision TV series establishes her rank in the USAF as captain (according to Wikipedia). "Captain Rambeau" is workable, of course, but it sounds a little strange when paired with "Captain Marvel."

Well, IIRC, the Avengers did manage to operate with both a Captain America and a Captain Marvel on the team in the past.


      Incidentally, I am a bit dubious about including the "Marvel" bit anyway. In the Marvel Universe, "Marvel" these days tends to indicate a connection to Mar-Vell and the Kree (in the case of Mar-Vell himself and his two kids, as well as Carol's aliases Ms. Marvel and Captain Marvel, and the current Marvel Boy, Noh-Varr) or to Carol Danvers (Kamala Khan named herself after the original Ms. Marvel and dresses herself in a variation of one of her costumes). Other "Marvel" names (Marvel Girl, Speedball the Masked Marvel) seem to have fallen into disuse.

    Well, in the MCU, Monica is a supporting character of Carol Danvers. This is of course not the case in the comic books.

Exactly, and it seems many of Monica's fans want to stress her independence.

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