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Subj: Re: Major Spider-Man villains by decade
Posted: Sat Apr 21, 2007 at 12:09:21 am EDT (Viewed 1 times)
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> > As far as I know, most of Spidey's major villains (Green Goblin, Doc Ock, etc.) made thier debuts, like Spidey himself, in the 60's. The biggest exception to this would be Venom, debuting in the 80's. But I was wondering, which, if any villains debuted in the 70's?
> The Jackal, Hammerhead, Punisher, and others who were huge at the time, made their debut in the 70's.

Richard Fisk (Schemer, Rose, Blood Rose)
Black Cat

All Pretty Big (and I would count Green Goblin (Harry) and Mysterio (Beckhart) as 2 more major villans from the 70's because they became dynamic characters (unlike Vulture (Drago) and other such rip-offs.)

My list is based on when they were impact players, SPidey's biggest threat, not when they first appeared!

1960s: Green Goblin - Learns Spidey's secret ID. Without that, he was merely another villain. With this, the future havoc Norman plays doesn't happen.

1970s: Doctor Octopus - Death of Captain Stacey. Pete loses yet another Father figure, his girlfriends dad no less.

1980s: Hobgoblin/Kraven - The mystery of the hobgoblin. 'nuff said. Kraven's last hunt. Ditto.

1990s: Venom - The last true classic original villain. Popularity still looms as evident by the hype around Spider-man 3.

2000s: Morlun - Present for the biggest changes in Spideys modern life. Responible for the beating that left Pete so exhausted that his spidersense wasn't able to warn against Aunt May discovering the ID. Also major player in his 'death' and evolution.