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Subj: Re: Major Spider-Man villains by decade
Posted: Sat Apr 21, 2007 at 08:21:34 am EDT (Viewed 1 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Major Spider-Man villains by decade
Posted: Sat Apr 21, 2007 at 12:21:55 am EDT (Viewed 1 times)

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> > As far as I know, most of Spidey's major villains (Green Goblin, Doc Ock, etc.) made thier debuts, like Spidey himself, in the 60's. The biggest exception to this would be Venom, debuting in the 80's. But I was wondering, which, if any villains debuted in the 70's?
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> > I don't just want to limit things to the 70's though, basically, I just would like to know if there's a breakdown by decade of villains introductions, just to get a feel for the various eras, 60's through 00's.
> This should be enough of a start of a villains-by-decade list:
> 60s:
> Chameleon
> Vulture
> Doctor Octopus
> Sandman
> Lizard
> Electro
> Mysterio
> Green Goblin
> Scorpion
> Smythe/Spider Slayers
> Beetle
> Molten Man
> Shocker
> Rhino
> Kingpin
> I'm not entirely certain if Silvermane and Richard Fisk fall under late-60s or early-70s at the moment. Boomerang and Speed Demon both debuted in the 60s, but I don't think either became Spidey villains until later.
> 70s:
> Hammerhead
> Green Goblin (Harry Osborn and Bart Hamilton)
> Jackal
> Punisher
> Stegron
> Swarm
> Carrion
> Tarantula
> Hydro-Man(?)
> 80s:
> Tombstone
> Puma
> Hobgoblin
> Jack O'Lantern/Hobgoblin
> Sin-Eater
> Venom
> Calypso
> Alistair Smythe
> Carrion II
> Tri-Sentinel
> Foreigner
> 90s:
> Carnage
> Shriek
> Demogoblin
> Doppleganger
> Grim Hunter
> Traveller
> Scrier
> Kaine
> Spidercide
> Doctor Octopus II
> Kraven Jnr
> Mad Jack
> Senator Ward
> 00s:
> Morlun
> Shathra
> Ezekiel
> Digger
> The Stacy Twins
> Fusion
> Tracer

Great list. I think it needs only Morbius, in the 1970s column. Maybe also Silver Sable (who wasn't a villain per se but definitely had conflict with Spidey). She was mid-1980s.

Some of those I wouldn't count as "major villains" though, but for the most part its better to um... overspec a villain than under-spec one I guess.

Also, I wonder where someone like Doom would fit. He didn't debut in a Spider-Man book but was a major villain for him on a few occasions.

It's intersting how many derivative villains there are in later decades, especially the 1990s. Another Venom, another Goblin, two more Kravens, three evil Spider-Men, another Jack O'Lantern. Yeesh!

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