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Posted: Sat Apr 21, 2007 at 12:21:23 pm EDT
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Hi everyone,
I was thinking about the 5 centennial (by issue number) books for Amazing Spider-man (100, 200, 300, 400, and 500) we have so far and was wondering what everyone's opinion was on them. SPECIFICALLY, I was curious which of the 5 you thought was the best (in total or for a specific reason). I'd love to know your opinion and why you think so!

Just to get things rolling- I think 300 was the best of the 5. I liked the idea of the character of Venom. I don't think #300 was particularly outstanding, but I do think the other 4 were worse... 400 would've been my choice hands-down if it hadn't been retconned.

What does everyone else think? Just curious.


Amazing 200 - this story was the end of the burgler who killed Uncle Ben, and Pete saved his Aunt without the benefit of powers. I really enjoyed it, and this whole era of Spidey. It is one of my favorite Spidey tales of all time.

it gets a little tricky after that for me.

300 - brought in Venom. Had McFarlane. Not the greatest Spidey story ever told, but decent. Venom has had some moments as a villain, but the whole "I'm gonna eat your brains" thing got a little stale. THIS issue has the distinction of being the first Venom story, and therefore I consider it to be the best.

400 - A fitting end for Aunt May. They retconned the death so I retconned it's ranking behind 300. Plus at the time I was starting to get annoyed by the presence of two Pete's...I was starting to suspect they might invalidate the guy I was following and hand the reins to Ben Reilly - and that's exactly what they did not long after! Fortunately it all worked out (for me) before too long.

500 - A decent enough Spidey story. Not fantastic, not terrible. But better than -

100 - At the time I guess this book had it's appeal, but it doesnt stand the test of time. The traditional hallucinated villains and 'obsessing over personal problems in a sweaty mental fog' fare that was a little TOO common back in the day. The surprise ending was really the only thing about this issue that is worthy of rememberance - a six-armed Pete. Fortunately, following issues really expanded on the ending and delivered a good story.