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Subj: Actually
Posted: Mon Apr 23, 2007 at 09:16:19 am EDT
Reply Subj: I think I know how this rumor might have started . . . .
Posted: Sun Apr 22, 2007 at 03:07:44 pm EDT

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> > In Ultimate Spider-Man, which I've been reading from the beginning, the recent issues have Kitty Pryde transferring to Peter & MJ's high school, and Flash Thompson says "I call dibs on her" (he wants to date her) and Kong says "You don't even LIKE girls!", to which Flash says "I like your mom," etc.
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> > What did the 'you don't even like girls' line mean? Did Flash reveal himself to be gay a while back and I forgot?
> Nope - Kong and Flash have a history of "jock humor" where they taunt one another about being gay. While in the real world that's not a particularly nice thing (either the teasing or the idea that being gay might be considered an insult), it's in character with them being (a) high school kids, (b) jocks, and (c) jerks.
> > I remember there was an issue a long time ago where Flash kept wanting to tell Peter something and being awkward about it, but I don't remember what the eventual conversation turned out to be. Can someone refresh my memory?
> Flash wanted Pete's help on asking Gwen out, iirc - supporting the idea that he does like girls, he's just shy around them, ironically.
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> > I'm digging the current storyline with the Ultimate Knights and Ultimate Moon Knight turning into Ultimate Ronin and going psycho. Good stuff. Looking forward to Stuart Immonen taking over on the art as well - love Bagley too, just ready for a change.
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> > Tony

A lot of humor comes from when you 'flip' something otherwise familar. Back in the early 1960's when Stan Lee was just begining to get the characters' relationships with each other strait (no pun intended) I think he was looking at the Clark Kent/Lois Lane relationship of the time. While Lois adored Superman, she didn't feel Clark Kent (who unknown to her was Superman's alter ego, if you actually needed to know that bit of informantion ;\-\) ) was worthy to lick her boots.

Stan 'fliped' that in his Spider-Man title, and made Lois a obnoxious high school jock. If you notice, Flash Thompson had exactly the same opionions about Peter Parker and Spider-Man that Lois Lane had about Clark Kent and Superman.

Having Flash Thompson be gay is just taking that 'flip' one step further.

Happy Hogan

Didn't Stan did the all switch thing for Betty when she hated Spider-Man but loved Peter? And then the same thing with Gwen. Suprisingly both relationships didn't work out, I guess in the end you can't really get the hero unless you at least comfortable with his alter ego.

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